Monday, April 9, 2012

Ohio Mudder this weekend

This Saturday and Sunday I will be driving 2.5 hours north to a small town called Amherst, Ohio. This is where I will be taking my second and third Tough Mudder challenge. I have so many emotions running deep inside me. My first Mudder was awesome, fun and rewarding. But my first Mudder I had no clue what I was getting into. I know now what is ahead of me and I think that worries me the most.

Arctic Enema is the one challenge I fear the most. Who in their right mind would want to jump in a dumpster full ice and swim across it? My mind most not be right or at least that is what my friends think when I tell them about the obstacles I have to complete. Nothing prepares you for a race like this besides having the ability to truly believe you are badass. When I walk up to that starting line I will be fearless, I will be in my mind a super hero..whatever I got to do to get me to the finish line!

I can't wait for this mudder! Arizona was awesome with Corinne, but this mudder I am signed up with a big team. 18 members running together to accomplish one thing. Out of those 18 members I know one person, however I am 100% sure we will all become family after this race.

Race time on Saturday is 1:00. Sunday is 8:00.

I say bring on the challenge, blood, ice and mud. I am ready to beat up my body, to push myself to the edge. I am ready to be badass again!

To all you mudders out there. Be safe! Think with your head first. If your body is screaming go around an obstacle do it. NO race is worth killing yourself or injuring yourself. Push yourself to your edge, help your fellow mudder but mostly be badass.

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