Monday, September 17, 2012

My Menu this week

Food prep to me is the most important thing I do in my health and fitness journey.  Without the preparation I tend to over eat, grab unhealthy foods and even at times not eat enough.  With all the training I am doing it is HIGHLY important that I get good clean, healthy foods in each meal.  My meals fuel my runs and other workouts that I do each day.  Without fuel my body ends up empty, which causes me to crash hard.

Items on the list this week

Breakfast-Protein Pancakes 
1/2 cup of oatmeal, 6 oz of Greek Yogurt, 1/3 cup of egg whites.
I put the oatmeal in my bullet to make it look like flour.  After, the oatmeal is ready, mix all the ingredients together in a small bowl.  Very simple and takes less than 10 minutes to make.  You can make one big pancake or a few small ones.  Cook on medium.  Top it with some fruit and sugar free syrup.

Zucchini Bites
Picture up above show these yummy bites.  I honestly didn't think I would like them, but I LOVED them.  I tripled the recipe and ended up with only 20 bites.

Quinoa Protein Bars
Quinoa is my new favorite food item.  It is high in protein and taste wonderfully.  I wanted and quick and easy snack for work.  I don't have a food processor, so I put the almonds and dates in the bullet, it worked probably better than the food processor.  I also tripled this recipe so I can freeze some of the bars for next week. 

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Mash
My favorite things to eat is Sweet Potatoes.  So I had to give this a try.  Smelled like Thanksgiving in my kitchen.  I haven't tried this yet but know from the smell that this will be a hit.

Melt in your Mouth Chicken
I love Chicken but never eat it.  So I wanted to throw in something completely different this week.  I wasn't sure if I would like the greek yogurt on the chicken but this was delicious.  I would highly recommend this meal.  I doubled this meal and put half of it in the freezer for next week.

Buffalo Roasted Cauliflower
I love spicy foods and love it more when you can make a veggie taste wonderful.  I haven't tried this yet but cooked it up.  Smelled great and HOT!

BBQ Crockpot Turkey
Diet Dr. Pepper, 1 cup of BBQ and a small turkey breast (looked like a small whole turkey).  Throw everything in crockpot on medium.  Cook for 5-6 hours.  I always shred the meat with one hour left in cooking time.  I normally make this with chicken but I am sure it will taste great with Turkey.

Other items on my menu this week

Shakeology-I will have this at lunch every day.  I always throw in a handful of spinach, 1 tbsp of Peanut butter and one banana.  GOOD STUFF!!!
Slaw-pre-mixed at the store.  I add in 1 cup of red vinegar,  1/2 olive oil and 1/2 cup of sugar (splenda).

I challenge you to food prep.  It is the key to success in any diet/lifestyle change. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Think Happy Be Happy....My Happiness Project

Wouldn't it be nice to walk in your bathroom every morning and see this awesome reminder? Think Happy, Be Happy.  I love it so much that I plan on making something similar.  Happiness is the key to life.  I am always in search of things that will make me happier, as well as tossing things out of my life that just bring me down.  Happiness.. I just can't get enough of it.

So what have I been doing since I started my project?

1. I completely cleaned out my room.  50 empty hangers, more space in my dressers and less shoes to deal with.  Did this project make me happier? I wouldn't say it gave me a certain kind of joy but it certainly made me feel less stressed about lack of space that I been dealing with.  I love walking into my room now, so yes it does make me happier that there is more order and organization in my room.

2.  Putting away clothes after I fold them.  This is something I HATE doing! I don't mind folding my clothes but I can't stand putting the clothes where they belong.  Normally, I will fold the clean clothes and put them on top of my front loaders.  The clothes will sit there up to 5 days and sometimes up to a week.  I will even go get dressed in the laundry room just because I refuse to take the 5 minutes to put the clothes away.  So this is a HUGE part of my happiness project for this month.  I am now trying to put the clothes away as soon as I fold them. this week I didn't do it but I only let them sit there for a day, instead of a week! I believe that is PROGRESS!

3.  Eat my food at the table.  When you eat alone it is so easy to fall into bad habits.  My bad habit would be eating in the living room, while watching TV.  I have read for years that this isn't healthy, people tend to over eat while watching TV.  My main reason for wanting to change this behavior is because of my wonderful dog Louie.  He is a super tall dog! When I eat on the couch, he is plate level.  NOT good!!
I noticed since eating at the table... I take my time, I am not messing on the computer and I don't have dog drool all over me. I actually love eating at the table.  I enjoy setting the table and taking the time to clean up after.  I honestly felt that this would make me feel lonely...but that isn't the case at all!

4.  Cleaning the dishes and keeping things out of the sink. Another bad habit that I have been doing for years.  I use to make dinner and throw the pans into the sink.  Sometimes I would wash them but normally I would let them sit till the next day.  Not only is that gross but I hated how dirty it made my kitchen look.  Now, I clean up the pans right away.  Once they are dry, I put them away.  If you know my know there is NO room for dishes and pans sitting around on the counter tops.  This for sure makes me happier! (Now I have to get my roommate on the same page!!)

5.  Going to Church.  This is probably my favorite new habit.  I have been away from the church for sometime and really needed to strengthen my spiritual self.  I am now attending a new church, signed up for a small bible study and pray every single day.  Not only does this make me feel whole but I know this makes my Dad smile. 

Five small things is all but these five things are something that I have complete control over.  It takes one minute to clean the dishes, 5 minutes to put the clothes away,10 minutes to eat at the table and one hour a week to go to church.  It is the little things in life that drive me mad and I do it to myself.  :)

I will HOPE to continue to do these new habits and add more in the next few weeks.  What's up next?

1.  Writing letters.  Who doesn't love getting a letter from a friend, family member or co-worker? I know I love opening up letters from my friends or my Mom.  Making other people happy, will make me happy.  Goal is one letter a week.
2.  Attend Bible Studies.
3. Still need to clean out the Garage and the Kitchen.
4.  Find a Gym that wants to hire me to teach classes.
5.  Paint Again :) 

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Happiness Project

Have you ever sat around and wished you could be happier? Have you ever said to yourself I wish I could paint, hike more, fish, remember to send out birthday cards, send thank you notes to friends, visit museums, breath and enjoy every day like it was your last? I always wish to do things but I never take that first step towards trying something new and out of the ordinary.  Sure I get it; I run races like it is no tomorrow but I don't do the other things in my life that I am passionate about.

So I decided to take this happiness project head on.  I am a very happy person but i am not an extraordinary happy person.  I don't want to be like anyone else, I want to be different, happier.  I have a house, a car, a career, an education, a loving dog, great family and awesome friends.  What else in the world do I need to make me happy? It is all about the list I always make but never do.  It is about the dream to take up photography, cake decorating, physical training and so many other things.  This project is just about me, being totally the person I want to be, a person I have longed to be for a very long time. 

So where did this idea come from?  My dear friend Alicia Wagner recently talked about a book called The Happiness Project.  Alicia is probably the most driven friend I have in my life.  She puts her goals first and always follows though with them.  She is what I would call extraordinary! So when she tells me I should pick up a book up, I listened!

The book so far is GREAT! I am on Chapter Two but I already started putting together my own happiness project.  For me the first month will be all about organization.  Cleaning out the things in my house that I don't use, need or want anymore.  Organizing my work life, personal life and goals.  I also am going to make to do list and actually follow them.  Organization always makes me happy and a clutter free zone also brings me great joy!

So the project starts tomorrow! First thing to tackle will be my bedroom.  Time to get rid of clothes and clean out everything under the bed.  Time to throw out the million and one shoes I never wear.  I can't wait to see what happens to this room of mine.  I also can't wait to take my bag full of clothes, books and who knows what else to Goodwill.  Next will be the kitchen, basement and lastly my garage.  

I decided to follow the books Commandments, so here they are!
1. Be Kathy
2. Let it go
3. Act the way I want to feel
4. Do it NOW
5. Be polite and fair
6. Enjoy the process
7. Spend Out
8. Identify the problem
9.  Lighten up
10. Do what ought to be done
11. No calculation
12. There is only love

Super excited to see if I can change my happy life, into an extraordinary happy life :)
I suggest you read the book and join me on the ride!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Hometown love

The desire to be a movie star, rock star or any kind of star is every kids dream.  Not many children look at the moon and say that is my dream.  It was for one small town boy, his dream was to explore space and get to the moon.  I am sure this small town boy was told his dreams were to large and many probably wonder if the boy was crazy.  After all how in the world would someone from a town called Wapakoneta make it to space, let alone the moon?  But Neil Armstrong knew that his dreams were in fact big enough to happen.  He knew that if he could dream it, he could do it.  He did just that!

So why blog about Neil Armstrong? I didn't know him, never studied space and never had a desire to fly small planes like him.  I am blogging about Neil because he put my hometown on the map. Every conversation that started with "Where did you grow up?" Always ends up with "Wapakoneta, Home of Neil Armstrong the first man on the moon."

The picture above is the Neil Armstrong Air and Space museum, in Wapakoneta.  As a child, this museum was the place to go sledding, as it had the biggest hill that Wapakoneta had to offer. The place where you got astronaut ice cream and the place you could walk in a room full of stars.  As a child the museum was just a place to play, nothing more.  After all I wasn't alive when Neil stepped on the moon, it didn't feel so special any more with NASA sending astronauts there every year. 

That attitude about Neil and that museum changed when he passed away last week.  I never realized what a true symbol that little museum actually was to our small community, to the world for that matter.  Neil didn't come from money and he didn't come from a big town.  He came from a town where everyone knew his name, a town where children only dream big things.  He walked the same streets as me, played in the same parks and called Wapakoneta his home. 

You see, Neil is no different than me.  He was given a choice to live his life making his dreams happen or continue wishing his dreams come true.  Neil didn't think his mission was impossible because he only believed in the possibilities of it all.  I live my life just like Neil, I believe in the possibilities and the million reason why I can, instead of can't.

We can all learn a lot of Neil Armstrong's story.  He had the courage to take the step in achieving great things.  He took a leap not just for himself but for the world.  Thanks Neil, for showing us that no matter how small your town is you can live a life as you want it.  Thanks for reminding me that I can do something amazing with my life, that no dream is impossible. 

I will wink at the moon just for you, I hope someday you will wink back.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Exercise-some motivation required.

Motivation or rather lack of it, is one of the key problems in weight loss.  People who need to lose weight know that they NEED to do it, they know they SHOULD do it and they most often know HOW to do it.

There are countless diets and weight loss courses available on the marker, video's, trainers..etc. but still the majority of people find it difficult to achieve their target weight.  Why is that? Why if they know they NEED to, SHOULD and HOW to fall short of the finish line?

The problem is most often not it is not about the lack of resources or the knowledge.  With reasonable effort you can get information on how to achieve weight loss.  All you have to do is Google Healthy weight loss and a million things come up.  So what happens?

They get all the information and all the successful tips to lose weight, it's like something really stops them.  Something puts a brick wall in front of their achievements.  This something is LACK of MOTIVATION.

Weight loss is hard enough for most people and it requires a good deal of motivation not only to start but more importantly to continue even after the optimal goal is met.  This is the main reason that so many weight loss diets and programs come on the market every year.  People start a diet, start a program but never seem to have the motivation to finish.  Then something slowly starts to happen, the weight comes back, the need to lose it becomes even stronger and the people start again.  It is an evil cycle, which is so unhealthy for your body.

The key to losing weight is to WANT it badly enough and to find the motivation to carry it through.  That motivation will be different for each person.  For my client Leann, it is to be there for her daughter when she gets older.  For my Dad, it is to keep the medications away.  For me, it is to never go back to the way I use to live my life.

Everyone has there motivation but everyone doesn't have that drive to get to the end result.  So I challenge you to really look deep inside yourself to find what can keep you going.

"The biggest secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you're willing to work." -Oprah Winfrey

There are only 2 choices; make progress or make excuses. -Ellen Mikesell

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Before I became a Beachbody coach, I would always say what is this Px90 stuff everyone is talking about.  I would always talk about Px90 and get a confused look.  After the confused look I would be corrected with Kathy it is P90x. So many people think Px90 when it is in fact P90x.  No matter how you say it this workout is for real. 

My online trainer, beachbody coach and friend Corinne Crabtree has a huge success story.  Her story is remarkable and just shows that if you have the will you can do anything.  Her pictures prove that with hard work and healthy foods anything is possible.  She has completed many beachbody video's, as well as leads others to their own health goals. I have done many events with her and can't wait to do the Disney Challenge with her in Jan 2013.

I have done Px90 (P90x) and Asylum but I felt I wanted to see what this Px902 (P90x2) was all about.  I wanted to see if I could complete the program while training for a full marathon.  Results are still to come.. I have 83 more days to go! I can say after the first week I have noticed a huge different in my abs and my body feels tighter all the way around.  It is such a good feeling when you see results so fast! That just proves that my hard work, clean eating and staying away from drinking is paying off.

One of my beachbody clients is killing it! She has done Turbo Jam and is now working out with Tony Horton in Power 90.  Leanne is training for her first 5K that is coming up in 2 weeks.  She is a mom, works full time but never makes an excuse on skipping workouts and eating clean.  She prep's her food every single Sunday.  Which gives her the evenings to spend with her daughter instead of slaving over a hot oven.  She gets what it takes to make this journey a successful one.  Her daughter and living a long healthy lifestyle is her main focus.  Now she is helping others reach their goals!

Leanne has lost 40 pounds and continues to shed pounds each week!

Just like Leanne many of my clients are having success.  Why? With Beachbody programs like Px90 (P90x), Shakeology and private accountability groups.  As a coach it is my job to make sure my clients are doing the work.  The private group is geared towards diet, exercise and food prepping but what I love most about this group is we all become good friends.  We share a bond together and that bond is our passion in wanting to live a healthy happy life. 

My good friend Angela is having some awesome success with her Asylum video's.  She lives a healthy lifestyle but just needed the extra push to do something different.  Read about her Shawn T experience. 

I challenge you to join us in this passion.  Join a challenge group, give Shakeology a try, let me find a workout video that is perfect for you.  It is okay to reach out to others when you feel lost and alone.  I remember someone telling me they feel weak when they ask for help.  That is certainly not the case! It takes a strong person to come to someone and ask for help.  So be that strong person, challenge yourself to do something different.  

Source: via Paige on Pinterest

Saturday, August 11, 2012

10 weeks till race day

Source: via Jill on Pinterest

Columbus Marathon-10 Weeks Away

To say I am excited about my 2nd Marathon would be an understatement.  I can't stop thinking about the race.  What should I wear, what will the weather be like and wondering if I will hit a wall. The next ten weeks will not be a walk in the park.  It will be full of pain, questioning my sanity and doubting myself.

I know it will not be easy but I plain on jumping over, knocking down, run around, or crawl under any wall/obstacle if I have too.  Walls are just walls and it is up to me to decide how I handle them.  Honestly, I think Brick walls are there for those who don't want it bad enough.  If you want it you will find a way to make sure you get to the other side.  That is what I will do if I ever reach one, thankfully I haven't yet!

Today's 10 miler was anything but easy.  Last week I ran 14 miles and had an awesome run.  Today my legs felt like they had bricks on them.  My knee started to hurt around mile 8 but I continued to run because a little pain will not stop me.  I welcome the pain and tell it to join me on my runs.  I will know when to stop if I ever have too but for now little aches and pains are normal.

In the next 10 weeks I have a 12, 14, 18, 20 and 22 miler.  With a few fall back runs that I will surely welcome.  I am ready for the long runs, ready for the challenge.  What I will need from all of you is support.  I will need to hear you cheering for me.  Sometimes running is a lonely sport and it great to know you have someone rooting for you.  I will try to blog about my runs each week.

I love this picture down below.  So true. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Walking back into my faith..

A few weeks ago I was driving to my speed training workout.  I was busy paying attention to traffic, listening to my music and getting my mind focused on my upcoming workout.  Out of no where I heard a voice that said "Kathy go to church." I was the only one in the car so I started to think you have lost it.  Then I heard it again.  I wasn't sure if it was God or my own internal voice talking but it really hit a nerve.  Tears starting to stream down my face as I realized right then that I have stopped making time for God.

I was born and raised in a very strick Catholic family.  Went to Catholic School for 9 years, Church every single Sunday and every holy day.  We never started a meal without an "Our Father" at the Morgan household.  Faith was important to my Mother and Father, so they wanted to make Faith just as important to us. But when I went away from home I also walked away from my Faith.  

I would go to church once in a while because my Dad would always ask me how it was going.  There is one person in this world I hate to upset and that is my Dad.  So I would lie to him and always tell him Church was wonderful and so was my Priest.  My Dad had rules, if you lived or were under his roof you would go to Church.  So any time I would come home that is what I did.  I felt like I was being forced to have God in my life, which at the time I didn't like or understand.

I use to think that since I went to Catholic School I had my time with God.  We prayed every morning and would go to Church at least once a week.  Church wasn't special to me because it was just something I had to to at school.  I hated it and hated my parents for sending me to a Catholic school where I was labeled different.  The public school kids hated us, which in turn made me question my Faith.

When it was time for me to decide if faith was important I completely shut the door on its face.  Of course I would pray for my friends and family, I would attend Church when I was home and would always go to Church every Sunday for lent.  However, once Easter Sunday was over so was my weekly visit to Church. 

The one thing I haven't done in years was pray for myself.  I don't think I deserve to ask God for help when I basically am always turning away from him.  Thing is I need to start praying for myself because my life is what I call in "pause mode"  I feel like I have been in pause mode for a few years now.  I am starting to think the reason I feel this way is because I stopped following God's path. 

I make time for my workouts each week, time for my friends, time for work and time to sleep but I never make time for the one person that built me.  God put me on this earth for a reason and I will never find that reason if I don't trust him and ask him to guide me in the right direction.

So I am making a promise to myself to make time for God again.  It is only one hour a week! I need him in my life to help me figure out what to do with my job, my future and to be with me when the rest of the world is away.  I am a better person when I attend Church.  I smile more, feel at peace and  feel complete.

I will never be the kind of person to throw God down someone's throat or wear I love Christ shirts. I will never question my friends for not going to Church and tell them that they are sinning.  I am not the judge and I will judge others for what or how they believe. I will just sit back like I did when I was in Catholic School and soak it all in.  I am ready to welcome God back into my life and am going to commit to being a better Catholic. It is time to get my priorities straight.  Sleeping in, playing on my computer and getting drink should NOT be a priority.  God should be!

"Technology makes us feel full leaving no more room for God and our Faith. It is time to turn off the TV, the computer and hide the Iphone to find room for God." -The Priest at Church Sunday

Friday, July 13, 2012

What's cookin in Kathy's Kitchen

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

I love the picture I found above from pinterest.  It sort of looks like a game and I bet if you get your children involved they might be more willing to eat the foods that you cook for me.  Make them pick a veggie or a meat! This will add variety to your menu's and will be fun for all! I of course would never do anything like this since it is just me but it might work for a family! :) Just an idea!

So many people have asked me to start sharing my menu's.  I have no problems doing so but you must realize that my calorie's intake is going to be different than the next person.  I workout a lot, so that means I need to eat more food for fuel.  Someone that is heavier than will need to eat more, just as if someone is smaller than me they might have to eat less.  You have to know what works for you! So please don't just follow my menu's it will not work magic.  It will just help you see what is cooking in Kathy's Kitchen! 

How I do it... 
During the week I am always looking for new recipes.  If I find one I love I will mark it and will normally put it on the menu for the following week.  I have a ton of recipes, so it is super hard to come up with meal plan eat week.  I normally just go with what I am craving! 

I always go grocery shopping on Sunday.  It is like going to church for most! I do it every Sunday no matter what.  There are times I might have to change it to Monday if I am out of town but Sunday's are very important in my success. 

Here is what is cooking in my kitchen this upcoming week

(Click on item for recipe)

Breakfast-Protein Pancakes with fruit M/W/F/S (I will not add lemon zest to it but it does sound awesome) Sugar Free Syrup. 
                 Eggs, Turkey Bacon and with grapefruit (I had this last week) T/R/S

Snack-Quinoa Apple Salad (had this last week as well)
           Almonds with pretzels  

Lunch-Always a Shakeology drink with some kind of fruit, Spinach and Almond milk.  

Snack-Cottage Cheese and some Fruit.  I love cottage cheese it is a great source of protein! 
           Graham Crackers with Peanut Butter or with Cottage Cheese (this is a craving that I have         for the week.  I get the low-fat kind and will only allow myself to have two crackers.)

Dinner-Spicy Burgers with 1/2 Corn on the Cob, 4 oz of Sweet Potato and for dessert watermelon. 
           -Spicy Spaghetti Squash (this is a new item for me this week).  I will fill it with veggies, so no side is needed. 

Snack-I love having popcorn at night, greek yogurt or skinny cow ice cream.  

I always have extra healthy items around the house.  Just in case I change up the menu.  I NEVER have crap food here! If it isn't here I don't eat it, that simple! So leave the junk at the grocery for someone else.  Change the way your family eats! 

I also might snack in between snacks and meals.  I am telling you I eat a lot of food and I am never worried I will gain weight.  I eat when my body tells me too! It is so important for me to eat with working out as hard as I do.  I workout sometimes 2 hours a day with my marathon training and lifting schedule.  So fuel is sooooo important for me to be able to preform the best! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Results from 90 day challenge

Here it comes again...Pictures! I hate taking them but it is so nice to look back at my progress or lack of it.

What a difference!  I started this journey at 154 and am now today 146! I am thrilled with the results.  What a difference 4 months will do on your body.  Sure I am not pleased with the weight but I don't like weighting myself because the number always brings me down.  I will always weight more than normal women because I am solid muscle.. okay so I know I have some fat on me but who doesn't! :) I just have to remind myself that it is only a number.  The scales doesn't know if I am a 147 pounds worth of muscle or a 147 pounds worth of fat! I am loving my abs and my shoulders.  The pictures do nothing for my shoulders but they look great! Most of my clothes from last summer are to big for me! :) I like that!

I will NEVER like my back side.  God surely didn't give me boobs but he gave me enough junk in the trunk for everyone.  I am pleased with how my legs did get smaller but I want more.  I wish my legs would catch up with the rest of my body.  I wish they would look as great as my back does here, as well as my shoulders and my abs.  Hopefully P90x will do that for me! 

 So how I did it!??!?!? I been taking Shakeology every single day in the last four months, eating super clean and trying to limit my drinking.  During the last four months I used Chalean Extreme and Turbo Fire.  I loved what the programs did when they were combined! I also ran 3-4 days a week.  I took one rest day and that was it.  It is all about habits.. YOU HAVE TO make moving a HABIT! 

So now that my first challenge to myself is over, I am ready for the new one.  I am excited to see what the next 90 days will look like.  I am starting P90x Asylum Hybrid.  Basically, that means I will be combining the two programs together.  I will continue my marathon training and eating clean as I can.  I am trying to limit my drinking to once a week and only a few drinks on that day.  It is time to get serious! I love how I feel and look when I have muscles.  I hate how I feel when I soft... since drinking and the crap food make me soft I am staying clear.  I know I will not have a lot of changes in the next 90 days...or should I say I am telling myself that.  My main goal is stay fit and to not gain weight.  I gained 10 pounds of softness the last time I trained for a marathon...this time will be different! If I can stay this weight and not become soft I will be happy! If I can pull off more weight l and develop more muscle tone I will be extremely happy!!! 

So the question is this... if you were asked to join a challenge for 90 days would you be willing to change your lifestyle to get results? It is totally worth it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Listen to the coaching head...

You all have heard me talk about pushing yourself to the edge before. If you know me and have been following me, you know I tend to push myself to the edge a lot. I try to do this in every single workout, every single race and every single thing I do. It is how my mind works and I love it! I sometimes push myself beyond what I even think I am capable of doing..this is when I feel accomplished, like a true athlete.

The edge is sort of like my drug. I always reach my high at my edge, like most alcoholics reach their high when they get their drinks. It is why I love working out and love to run! It feels amazing, maybe that is why I would rather workout all day long than do anything else in the world.

However, the edge sometimes can be a dangerous place if your not careful. If you push yourself to far you might slip and fall with no one around to save you. The edge is awesome and scary at the same time. Tonight I felt myself get to the edge but I kept pushing to the point my toes were starting to hang off and very close to slipping.

I don't know why I think my body works like a machine.  I don't know why I think if I get enough water, enough food and enough rest I will be able to workout to my edge every single time.  It just doesn't work that way.  I am a human, not a machine... I break down even when everything should go right.

It hasn't even been 24 hours since I have had either heat exhaustion, food poisoning or the flu.  I don't know why I felt the need to join my running team tonight to do a speed workout. Especially, since I spent the last 2 days in the bathroom, in bed and having body aches.

My coaching head told me to stay home and rest; it is to soon to be pushing yourself that much when you were that sick.  My athletic head was saying come on you will never get better sitting on the coach. I didn't listen to my coaching head tonight, I listen to my athletic head.  Not smart at all.

The athlete got me there but the coach got me to stop after mile 4.  I started to get chills and stomach cramps around mile 3 but I kept pushing myself...that is when I could see myself looking over the edge.  If I kept pushing myself I knew I would slip and I would most likely be sick again or worse in the hospital.  I continued to run one last loop at a very slow pace.  I took a break after mile 4 and had a lot of water while sitting in the shade.  Then made the one mile hike back to my car. Total run tonight was 5.5 miles.

I don't like to quit because it feels like I lost the battle.  I hate it.  As I ran back to the car I kept telling myself that I should have done at least 2 more miles, even when I knew in my head made the right choice. As I sit here now I still struggle with the fact that I stopped running because it got to hard.  Was it to hard because I was sick or was it to hard because I was being a baby? Whatever the reason I know I will not be in the hospital tomorrow because of it and I am pleased with that!

So the moral of the story is... push yourself to your edge but don't push yourself so far that you fall off.  Always listen to your body and not your head.  If you are like me you will want to do what your head tells you to do.  But the coaching head is always right so follow it! :) Lesson learn! This girl will listen and follow its advice from now on!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Food Prep


Source: via Deb on Pinterest

My bet most of you don't food prep? My question to you would be why not? I bet you prep for many things in your life.  You probably prep for an arrival of a new baby, new job, vacations and parties.  You do this because you want those events to be successful and you want no room for something to go wrong. So why don't you food prep?

If you fail to food prep, you are most likely not having the best food choices during the week.  I know, I know some of you don't have to food prep to have success in the kitchen.  If you are like me food prep is the path that keeps you on the right journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

Preparation is KEY and it is the secret to losing weight. 

This is how my Sunday's normally look like.

Break down the menu's.

I always make a grocery list a few day's before Sunday's.  This is a huge part of the puzzle for me.  If I don't make a list I am throwing crap in my cart I don't need or better yet forgetting the important things I do need.  A list will save you time and will take out the guessing of what you should prepare.  I always double check to see if I have items on the list before I head out.  Who needs 4 jars of peanut butter? I mean I do LOVE peanut butter but I will never eat four jars in a week.  This will help you save money so make sure you are not buying double of something you already have.

Head to the Store.

I always go to the Grocery store super early or a time no one is there.  I can't stand waiting around for meats or items I need because the rest of the world is trying to get the same thing.  If you are like me and don't like waiting go EARLY! I always bring a pen to check off the items I got...another important part.  Who wants to go home and start cooking to realize they forgot the bacon? Not me!

Bring coupons! If you make your list early you will probably have time to find coupons.  I am afraid that I never use them.  Most of the foods I buy never have coupons but if you like coupon hunting this would be ideal!

Time to Cook

I NEVER put the food away.  I lay everything out on the counter and start the chopping, cooking and bagging.  Why? If I put everything away I normally will find something else to do....which means I will fail on food prep and will fail probably Monday.  So make a good 3 hour block to do all food preparation if you need to do in together.

I look at my list of recipes and start with the meats first or whatever will take the longest.  Today I started the sweet potatoes and quinoa.  While they were cooking away I was mixing up the items for spinach burgers and the quinoa apple salad.  I never do just one meal at a time.  I have my recipe list out and am normally cooking up 2-3 meals.  This makes the time go faster!!! 

I also cut up my veggies and my fruits.  Since I take Shakeology every day (normally lunch), I put all the fruits and items I need in a baggy and toss it into the freezer.  I like my shakes cold and if the fruit is frozen it makes for a better shake! This also saves me time!!! I just grab a bag, mix the shake and head out the door.  All in less than 3 minutes.

Now time to relax.

Once everything is put away and in the containers.  I sit and relax! I have my food ready for the week and workouts planned.  I know that I will not fail because everything is ready for me at home.  Does this mean I don't stray off my menu? I do sometimes but I normally go for a good subway sub! :)

Give Food Prep a try! It is wonderful.  It saves you time and I am 100% sure you will make better choices.  If you need help with food prep let me know.  This is probably one of my favorite parts of the week.

My grocery list this week..

Fruits-5 Granny Smith Apples, 3 peaches, 3 pears, strawberries and blue berries. 6 Grapefruit
Veggies-Raw Spinach, frozen spinach, Asparagus, Zucchini, Tomatoes, Sweet Tomatoes, Avocado, Cucumbers and Corn on the cob
Dairy-Greek Yogurt, Soy Milk, Cheese and Egg Whites
Other items-Thin Sandwich buns, Almonds, Pretzels, Hot Sauce, popcorn, Quinoa, Luna Bars

Total Price for all this wonderful food:  $110.00

I know that is a lot of money for one person but I eat a lot because I workout a lot.  I can eat a lot because I am eating healthy stuff.  If you look on my list the only unhealthy thing is maybe the popcorn and the Luna bars.  I have to remember a bag of 95% fat free popcorn will not kill me, nor will a Luna Bar.

Keep it simple, plan and prepare!! I promise you this will make a HUGE difference in your journey!!! It has mine! :) 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Even I struggle

I tried to kill myself yesterday morning...Not really but it sure felt like it on my run.  I headed out on the path around 7:45 A.M.  You would think that early the weather would be perfect right? Wrong! It was already 84 degrees outside and the humidity was so thick it was hard to breathe just standing there. I told myself "Kathy you got this! You are a Tough Mudder and you have ran in every element nature has throw at you." So I decided to take the challenge and run my 8 mile run.

I am here to tell you even after running 16 half marathons, 1 full marathon, 4 tough mudders and a few triathlons, that I struggled...REALLY struggled.  The first mile was easy for me but my mind started to play games on me early.  The second mile not so easy and I started to slow my pace.  I normally train anywhere from a 9:30-10:30 pace. As you can probably guess I was running slow for my pace.  I was running a 13:00 minute pace and no I wasn't walking.

Once I saw the time on the watch I started having negative talks in my head.  I started to tell myself that I should just quit because I wasn't getting in the run I had hoped.  Normally, I can turn off the negative talk but this time the demons won.  I even tried to convince myself that I had this run, that nothing would stop me and that I was just didn't work.  So I stopped and I walked.  I put my head down in disappointment and was so down because I haven't done in this in years.  I stopped even when I did everything right; I drank the water, had the carbs and got the rest. But Nature had other plans for me.  Nature won this time round. 

Surely, I can't be upset about my run because I had NO control over the elements.  After struggling to complete only 4 miles, I got back in my car and wrote in my journal.  I like to write down how I feel after each run, so I have a memory of my training.  Anyways here is what I wrote.

Today I felt like a beginner.  I felt like I have never ran a race in my life.  The struggle was something I am not familiar with but the struggle was a great reminder that I am just like everyone else out there.  Sure after all the races I have been I would expect to know that nature isn't always friendly but I wasn't prepared for what just happened.  Today I was reminded why people struggle when they first start running.  I was reminded how it feels to not get your breathing under control and how your mind plays tricks on you.  The reminder was certainly something I needed as I start my longer runs for the Columbus Marathon.  There will be days that are easy and there will be days like today.  What I must remember from the runs like today is that I learn from them.  Runs like today make me stronger, educate me and remind me that I have absolutely no control. Even with this tough run I am heading home with a smile on my face.  I ran 4 and that was more than what I figured I could do at mile 2.  Keep moving forward Kathy..keep focused on the goals and keep being AMAZING.

So there you have it! I am here telling you that everyone struggles when they run.  Even the experience runners struggle but they learn from the struggles.  Learn from your struggles but keep moving forward it only makes you stronger!

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

Friday, June 29, 2012

Difference in two years..

The first picture was two summers ago and the second was last August. (I am aware that I don't match in picture two-I was camping and didn't care). I was working out but I was also failing every single weekend.  I loved the boozes, fries and treating myself to dairy queen.  I was unhappy and what I call soft! I had muscle but you couldn't see it with all that fat over the top.  People this is a body that worked out every single day for long periods of time (2 hours a day).  I lifted but I didn't lift enough to change my body, didn't push myself.

The picture to the right is this summer! I am happy here and am loving my new fit body.  This is a person that works out maybe one hour, if that a day.  I lift heavy, do cardio and eat clean in my kitchen.  I still go out and treat myself with a beer but I now know when to stop.  I allow myself to have treats but only once in a while not every day.  The difference is now I have control and I work it hard anytime I am in my gym.

The first picture I would say I was in the 160's.  The second I was probably 155 or so.  The last picture I was 144.  What a difference a 10 pounds makes! I feel great and honestly I think I look great!  Am I done? No! This isn't a ballgame where it is over after 9 innings.  This is my life! If I stopped what I was doing I would fall back to picture one....I SURE don't want that.  I want to be strong, healthy and beautiful.  I plan on stepping up my game here with P90X and will continue to take my shakeology daily.  I will continue to succeeded and challenge myself with new fitness goals.

You can do this too! I know it! Send me an email if you want to join a July Challenge group.

Here are a few more pictures to see the change.
Great American Ball Park. Two summers ago.
With my cousins Summer 2012.  I look tiny here and in shape.
At my friends wedding. Pulling off a tight dress.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Falling slightly off the health wagon...

Everyone says to me "Kathy you always have it together, I wish I could be more like you, you are such an inspiration." I love hearing that but truth is, I don't ALWAYS have it together. I too, fall off the fitness train and jump off the healthy eating wagon. It is something I don't like to admit because I have so many people that look up to me. I would be hiding the truth to all of you if I didn't say I struggle a lot and as of lately I been holding on with one hand to my health wagon.

Summer is always a challenge for me. I know that there will be more outing out with my friends which means more challenges such as good food, drinking and less sleep. I wanted to come into summer strong and leave it even stronger but I realize I am not as strong as I hoped. I am drinking before volleyball games, drinking during outing with my friends, eating more crap and not getting enough sleep. 

The one thing that I have is the ability to not fall completely off. I am blogging this to show that I struggle just like all of you. The difference I may have from all of you is that I have the ability to pull myself up with that one hand and get back onto that fitness train and healthy eating wagon. I have never fallen off so far that I wasn't able to get refocused but I know how easy it can be to fall way off and lose complete control. 

You all have to remember that your wagon and train doesn't roll away. You may get "distracted" from the outside world but I know that wagon is parked waiting for you to get back on. Some of you may not get back on that wagon for a month, maybe a few months or even for some of you years. Does that make any sense at all? Why would you want to waist all your success for a few "off days"? You stop caring about your success and start worrying about food, beer and fun. Let's be honest it is a terrible place to be, it really sucks losing control of something you wanted to succeed at. I know this first hand... 

But what I have learned is that you have to stop that relationship with this wagon. You have to be consistent and understand this is just a ride. You can get off for birthday parties, vacations and holiday's but don't jump off completely. If you don't enjoy the ride you may never want to get back on and we all know what happens when the wagon is in park for months...weight gain, unhappiness and a less desired lifestyle. Remember the wagon is always there to ride. You might have to dust off the cobwebs and grease up the wheels a bit but never lose sight of it because it is the most important ride of your life...the ride to a life you deserve. 
Today, I faced the fact that my wagon has in been in park for a few weeks but today I will jump back on and enjoy the ride! I will get off the wagon once a week to enjoy a good dinner with friends and once a week to enjoy some drinks....but not every day! I am ready to live the life I love! Ready to B-amazing again.....

How about you? What is your wagon doing at this very minute?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I call myself the rent a mom! I am a part time nanny during the summer and get to spend 9 lovely hours with two amazing little girls. They challenge me physically, mentally and sometimes emotionally but we are having a great summer and it is them I have to thank for that.

Today as I was working out in my basement Alaina came downstairs.  She said, "Kathy your very sweaty and sparkly." I smiled and told her it was because I was working hard.  She smiled back and said, "Sweaty makes you look pretty." I couldn't help but pick her up and squeeze her to death.  What an awesome thing to hear from such a little girl, she is 5!  

I love the fact that she thinks sweating is pretty and sparkly.  I thought to myself, wow! I am really making a huge impact on these little girls lives.  I eat healthy every single day, workout every day and tell them why water is important every single day.  I never get McDonald's when we drive thru and they always questions me why? I just explain my body needs the good stuff like Subway or my Shakeology shake I take every day.

You see, I may not be there Mom but I am impacting their lives just by doing the little hings.  Every morning as I make their breakfast I talk to them about healthy choices.  They make a healthy choice for breakfast and lunch everyday.  I love that! I also love that now lately they want to make more and more healthy choices.  Do they need to worry about calories? No! But they are learning at a very young age why healthy choices and fitness is important.

I know most of my followers are parents and many of you are thinking seriously this is not an easy battle.  But I am telling you that kids want what is best for them.  If they see you eating crap they will want the crap too.  If they watch you working out, drinking water and eating good foods they will want to do the same.  So I challenge you to leave a few treats in the house and allow them to still have fun with foods. Just be smart they don't belong to you!!!

After Alaina told me that I looked pretty, she also asked to join me in my workout.  Of course my workout was to hard for her, as I was lifting weights. But I popped in Tony and the Kids in after and together we had a great workout. 

You have to be the role-model in their lives.  They see you as a super hero! Do you want to be the super hero that runs to junk food everyday or do you want to be the super hero that sparkles with healthy choices? So my questions is this. How do you Sparkle?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tough Mudder Mad


I have to shake my head in disbelieve that I have completed four tough mudders events this year.  Each time I do this race I discover something new about myself, something I would have never discover if I wasn't pushing myself beyond my own personal limits.  This race is for sure one of the hardest, craziest and best things I have ever done in my life.  I wouldn't trade the bruises, the training or the tears for anything less crazy.  I have met some of the most amazing people during these events, people that I am glad to call my friends. 

June 18, 2012 
Tough Mudder Indiana/Chicago 
Weather: HOT and storming by the end

It has almost been a week since I have completed the Indiana Mudder and I have had a writers block ever since.  I am highly discouraged because usually words come very easy for me.  I may not be able to write them well or have the best grammar.  But what I do have is heart and passion that I am able display in my post.  So why am I lost for words on this event I love so much?  Maybe because this event doesn't scare me anymore and I know I can complete it.  It might be because I am battling some things on a personal level that I just don't have it in me to write.

What I do know is that this race has made me a better person.  Being amongst complete strangers and all wanting to accomplish the same thing is a great feeling.  Most of those strangers would hurt themselves to get you over a wall, over logs and help you up a skater pike.  They rather walk with you and enjoy the race together, instead of running their hardest to get a great time.  I am telling you it is simply amazing. 

So the question that I ask myself is why can't that happen in real life? Why can't we be more kind to the people we don't know? Why can't we reach out our hand when we see others in need?  I know I am completely guilty of looking away when I knew that someone was in need.  Maybe that is why I am in such a writers block on the event because that kind of joy, kindness and love goes away so fast.

I don't know how to fix it.  I don't know how to make the world work the same way a tough mudder does.  I just know that if the world did work like a mudder this world would be AMAZING.  We would all be friends, brothers and sisters.  So I am sorry that this blog isn't about me getting shocked or me jumping into ice cold water.  This race for me this time round wasn't a reflection on how well I did or what fear I overcome. It really is about how ugly the world really is on the outside of the mud walls.

I think if you look at the picture with some of teammates and I with the flag you will understand what this race really is about.  It is about courage, friendships, faith, pride, accomplishment, joy, determination, achievement and loyalty.  I am 100% sure that real warriors/soldiers act just the way mudders act during race day.

So to all of you that are on the fence about this race, I would tell you to do it.  Do it because you want to feel how great the world can be for just a few hours, do it because you want to feel like you can conquer the world, do it because you want to be amazing, do it because you want to change you for the better.  If running a mudder isn't for you....go and be a fan! I bet you anything it has the same effect!

Be the change people!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Love you first...

 The Shakespeare quotation ‘To thine own self be true’. What a true statement! You must fully love you both inside and out before you can fully give yourself to someone else.  I often wonder how many people are true to themselves or if they’re holding themselves back trying to be someone they’re not to please others, or allowing excuses to become the truth of what they think? Think about it! Does this statement describe you or someone you know?

I fully understand that it is hard to love yourself.  We are our worst friend, enemy and critic.  We put ourselves down all the time.  Let's be honest no body gives two shits if you are wearing a red shirt, eat healthy or can run a million and one miles.  The only person that cares is you.  You care if you eat like crap, you care if your skin is flawless, you care if you have the perfect body...YOU see the worst in you, while the rest of the world sees the beauty. 

You hear 'Just be yourself' by friends..but what does that really mean? How can you be yourself when you don't like yourself? How can you be yourself when you don't even know who you really are? Well I can tell you that it takes a lot of soul searching, removing the negative things and people from your life to be able to 'be yourself'.

The most unhealthy and ugly thing you could do is to try and be someone you are not, by defining yourself by some period of time in the past or by the belief someone else has instilled in you.  Don't let people's opinions or believes become your own self-image.  I know it is easy to do but it is so damaging to your inner self. 

People will not always believe in the same things as you.  They will push you down and tell you that your opinions are wrong.  I know this because I have had people in my life tell me I 'wasn't good enough, that I wouldn't graduate from college and that I would never amount to anything.' For a very long time I believed those people.  I believed that I wasn't smart enough to finish college and that I would just live life not being anything.  But I changed the way I viewed myself, I started to build a healthier me by pushing those negative people out of my life.  You can't be the real you till you get rid of all the shit that holds you back.  Be real to yourself! I did just that.. I am good enough and I am strong enough now to prove that I am basically AWESOME in every single way. 

Let go of past mistakes but learn from them.  I know the scares of the past will always be in your mind but learn how to cover them up with positive new band-aides.  Learn to shut that part of your mind off and learn to listen to the one says 'I LOVE ME'.  Stop caring how people view you.  We are all children of god, we are all very different.  We have different tastes, different clothes, different religions, different bodies and guess what that is what makes everyone unique and beautiful.  Some people will love you and some people will hate you.  If they hate you don't try to make them like you.. Who gives a shit if someone hates you.  That just means they don't see the real you and it is their lose. 

Be honest, be open. Develop a sense of individuality. Follow your own style. Stand up for what you believe in. When you are strong enough to love yourself 100%, good and bad - you will be amazed at the opportunities that life presents you.  Being different is absolutely beautiful! Don’t let people change you.

Everything falls into place when you learn to love yourself! BE YOU. BE HAPPY! Be AMAZING!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

There is NO magic Pill

Source: via Madelaine on Pinterest

This weekend I got myself all dressed up to attend one of my friends weddings. I have to say I felt great in my little tight blue dress. Years ago I wouldn't have been caught dead in something so sexy, but now I have the confidence and the matching body to go with it. So many people told me I looked great..I got questions on how in the world are you looking so good, what are you doing, are you eating... the list goes on and on.

So here is the deal...I decided 5 years to take complete control of my life.  I don't allow my excuses to be bigger than my dreams.  It is funny when I talk to people and they say "Kathy I need help."  I sit and listen to them go on and on about why they can't make it to the gym or why they eat crap.  It is simple people.  YOU have to make time or you will keep getting the same results.  You will keep coming to me asking for help and you will keep coming up with the same excuses.  You want to change the person you have become, you have to start changing the excuses that you come up with every single day.

Everyone thinks being fit and eating healthy is easy for me.  This life I chosen to live is a hard one. I wake up making the same excuses as all of you make...I am tired, I will do it later, my back hurts, I can't run...blah blah blah... But then I put my big girl panties on and remember that those excuses will get me no where. 

Excuses piss me off!  No! There is no magic pill I am taking. NO! I don't starve myself.  No! I have not had surgery.  I eat almost 2000 calories a day, my magic pill is my weights and tennis shoes and the surgery I have had is only on my eyes. I didn't get the body I have now on excuses....I got it with sweat, blood and a whole lot of tears.  No one says being healthy is easy...losing control is easy.  Going to McDonald's every day is easy, sitting on the couch is easy..doing nothing is easy.  Stop taking the easy route, start doing the things that challenge you.  I can bet you that you will start having more self confidence, more pride in yourself and will stop making the excuses you hate so much.

I wish I could have told my friends at the wedding that I do have a secret pill but I can't.  My magic pill is my drive for success.  I hope that you can find it in you to have the same drive to reach your own goals.  Throw out those excuses... because we all know they are not getting you anywhere.