Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Negative talk

Negative-self talk.

Let’s be honest here, we are all experts at talking ourselves out of great opportunities to reach beyond our own confront zone. We self-sabotage ourselves by allowing our negative self-talk to discourage us from moving beyond a point of feeling what I call “the stuck feeling.” We end up giving in because after all it is much easier to just stop whatever your doing than to put the effort into what we want.

Negative self talk can be about so many things. It can be about how we view our bodies, exercising, food, careers and love. Whatever it is I challenge you to listen to what you are actually saying to yourself. Jot it down on a piece of paper. After you can visualize, I want you to replace this negative phrases and replace it with a positive one.

This should be easy right? I can say for me personally my negative self-talk holds me back in a lot of things. Holds me back on jobs and finding someone I can spend the rest of my life with. But I have some really awesome positive self-talk. I believe I can do anything when it comes to working out and feel that I have the power to conquer any obstacle that gets in my way. Isn’t funny that I am so hard on myself with some things and love myself in other ways. I bet this is how we all function.

So no this exercise will not be easy, in fact I been working for a few weeks to create positive self-talk about my career. It is hard to believe in yourself when you have been rejected so many times, but I know deep down I am worth it.

Every time we possess a feeling or experience an emotion of any kind…we choose the way we talk to ourselves. If we choose to feel negatively and believe a though then we have chosen to be a product of bad thinking. A thought can produce an emotion only if you believe it is true. Believe it or not holding onto a though and creating a feeling is a choice, just like it’s our choice to insert a positive one!

Negative Self-Talk Replace it with a Positive one

1. I never get anything right. 1. I always learn from my mistakes and failures.

2. This will be difficult. 2. Challenges make me stronger

3. I have no time… 3. I will make time…

4. I am cursed 4. I am blessed

5. I am not good enough 5. I am good enough

6. What if I try and fail? 6. This will work for me because I can do it

7. I am stuck 7. I have the ability to move forward

8. I can’t do that… 8. I will do that and I will do my best

9. They will not hire me 9. I would be a great asset to their team

I could go on forever but those are a few I tell myself all the time. You have to change the way you talk to yourself to change what is going on around you. It is amazing once you start believing in yourself what you can do and what the universe will do for you. Changes the negative talk into one that will help you accomplish your goals!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Have you ever got so motivated to start an exercise program that it was so easy to plan out the future? That early morning workout at the gym Monday is just what you need to get back on track. You may be excited about it but then the alarm goes off and you actually have to follow through. It’s then you realize that all those things that motivated you a few days ago around suddenly nowhere to be found. So you might find yourself saying screw it and head back to bed.

Periodically along the road to wellness, we are tempted to stray, to stay in bed sort of speak! Missing a workout, making poor food choices, trying to burn the candle at both ends. This is when an accountability partner/group is needed.

What is an Accountability Partner and why is this person important?

It is someone who is also making lifestyle changes. This is the person you can report to and practice skills together. Having a buddy or buddies can help break the cycle of isolation. It can also be a fun way to make lasting changes in your life. Teaming up with someone to compare notes and share progress reports, can add motivation and enjoyment to your new lifestyle changes.

An accountability partner/group is someone who is part of your new journey and now you are part of theirs. The group connects several times each week to report on how they are doing and gives support to those who might need it. An accountability group has different partners, which can bring new ideas, recipes, and perspectives to help support your wellness goals.

I have been working with a group of women Phit-N-Phat for many years now. This group is my accountability group. These women are spread out all over the world. We are all different ages and have many different interest but we have one thing in common our health. We all want to improve our lives by changing our lifestyles and together we have and continue to accomplish this. Thanks to my trainer Corinne and PNP I get the support I need. Five years ago I didn’t know a single lady from PNP but now I have over a hundred friends that are spread out all over the world. I have completed races with these ladies, talked on the phone about struggles and mostly have found lifelong friends.

Without this support group I would not be where I am today. I would most likely still be unhappy in my own skin, probably drinking heavily and trying diet after diet.

This is why I am forming my own accountability group on facebook. So many people don’t have the support they need to continue their journey whatever that might be. This group will talk about struggles, will motivate one another and will hold each other accountable.

For example: I have a workout buddy from PNP. I txt her every morning and tell her I will meet her at the gym. Emily lives in Michigan, so as you can guess we are not actually meeting at the gym. But we hold each other accountable every single morning. This helps me get out of bed and get my workout in. I know if she doesn’t hear from me she will be on my butt, tough love sort of speak. Which is needed to help me get out of bed.

Attempting to get fit without a support group is like trying to fly a plane without a pilot and team that gets you safely to the ground. You need those people to guide you and support you to the ground. You can’t fly a plane alone, well of course unless you are a pilot. Just like flying a plane, you can’t get somewhere without the support you need. The accountability group is just that and more.

What can you expect?

I will provide a weekly healthy recipe. I will ask questions about your goals and then I will challenge you to plan a way to reach them. You will post questions; I or someone else in the group will answer them. You will set out a plan and we will make sure you follow it. I for one will make sure you follow your plan so you can reach your goal.

So why not join the group. Why not connect with the people that are working towards the same goals as you. If nothing else it will give you the motivation and the drive to do something. I challenge you to reach out and get the support you so deserve. If you would like to be part of this group send me a message and I will add you.

I am open to suggesting regarding the group. What can the accountability group do for you? or

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Grocery shopping Tips!

Do you have the Grocery Blues?

I love grocery shopping! I can be in and out of the store in 30 minutes, well that is if the store is not to busy. I always have a plan before I enter into what others call the danger zone.

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

1. Have a Meal Plan

What does this mean? Before I ever go into a grocery store I have my meals planned for the week. I know what every snack, lunch and dinner will look like. I have all the ingredients down so I know exactly what I need to get. I plan Monday-Sunday. Seems crazy to plan so far ahead, but I am telling you this is key to success. You have to know what you are eating every single day of the week or you will fail.

2. Have a List!

I always have a list before I go grocery shopping. If it is not on the list I don’t get it! It is that simple! That controls what I put into my cart and also controls what I put into my mouth. I would love to come home with some chocolates and chips but I never do because I never write it on my list.

3. Never go to the grocery hungry

I know I have done this and I am almost 100% you have too. Going to the grocery hungry is NEVER a good idea. When you go hungry you will always come out with some kind of crap that will not fuel your body properly. So eat before you go, this way your craving will not win.

4. Stop the parameter

Did you ever notice the good stuff is not in the isle? I hardly ever go in the isles because the clean foods fruits, meats, veggies and dairy is all on the parameter. There are times I do need to shop on in the isles but that is to get my oatmeal, sauces for spaghetti and my peanut butter I can’t live without. 90% of my cart is filled with what I got in the parameter.

4. Color your cart

Your grocery cart should be filled with all sorts of colors! Real food is colorful! I try to have every color of the rainbow in my cart before I leave the store! It is kind of a game! This is fun for kids too! Get them involved!

Now it is time for me to hit the grocery! I have a plan, I have my list and I am ready to shop!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Try one more time...

When the world says "Give up," hope whispers, "Try one more time.

Do you ever feel like the world is against you? Have you ever felt like you gave 100% to reach your goals but it still wasn't enough to get you fully there? Give up.. right? That is the best thing to do when the world doesn't agree with you.

For so long I believed what the world said, which caused me to give up time and time again. I sometimes still believe that giving up might be the only thing left to do. I just have to sit and listen..really listen and I can hear my heart scream "Don't you dare, go for it one more time."

The conscious mind is an evil holds us back. This is where fear hides. Fear keeps you from trying something new, making changes and trying one more time. Fear is not my friend at all.

Fear continues to hold me back. Fear yells to me you can't do it. My fear says to me "Your not good enough, no one would hire you, how can you take such a big risk, you just don't have the talent like they do." Fear not my best friend that is for sure and has not be my friend in the past few years.

But let me make something perfectly clear... I am NOT what my conscious mind says I am. I guarantee you are NOT what your conscious mind says you are either.

Your conscious mind actually has a positive intention with all of its negative talk. that intention is to keep you safe by keeping you exactly where you are so that you don't fail or make a fool of yourself trying something new. Despite its positive intent, the conscious mind has a real lousy way of going about it. If you look back over your life, I am sure you will agree it hasn't served you very well in living the life you desire.

The conscious mind only has the power you fuel it... Remember that! You give power to it by giving the serious consideration of anything it says.

There is another voice in you..... You might not even be aware of it, or you may have forgotten that it is there. This other voice is not loud. It is unconditionally loving and supporting of your dreams, but it speaks in a whisper. It believe in you!

These two voices are like having two different radio stations in your head. You have the power to turn one down and the power to turn one up. When you have the voice that believes on full blast you will find that doubt and fear slowly starts to disappear. This is when the path becomes so clear. This is when the fog is removed and you know exactly what to do.

BE AWARE of those voices. Listen to them and allow yourself to have the power to turn them on and off. When you hear fear tell you things... yell "STOP, I can do it and I am worth it." Close your eyes see the loving voice standing beside you holding a sign that says "YES YOU CAN" This voice knows you and knows you will try one more time, because it is the real you.

Remember the voices have the power you fuel it. Starve the voice that doesn't believe in you and then it will then be powerless! This is when you will become unstoppable!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fat Tuesday.. Lent

It is about that time of the year folks, Lent is almost upon us! I was raised Catholic, went to a Catholic schools and had to follow any rules that the church told us to follow. Lent was one of them that my family had to participate in every year. In the Morgan house hold we had a lot of Catholic rituals. Praying before meals and having fish every Friday during Lent.

The idea of Lent is to give something up that means a lot to you during the lenten season (which is Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday) to honor and appreciate sacrifice Jesus made for us. Last year I gave up facebook, the year before I gave up booze, one year I gave up fried food and I even attempted to give up chocolate and cussing. It was very hard to give those things up but I did it every year, well minus the Chocolate I cheated a few times.

So this year I decided that I would give up cheese. I love cheese! I eat it almost on everything that cheese taste good on. This will be extra hard for me because I don't eat fish (Catholics give up meats on Friday during lent). I normally would have a cheese sandwich or cheese pizza on Lenten Friday's. Now I have to choose something else to eat and well my options are limited since I hate fish! Looks like a lot of PB&J's in the near future.

I hope I don't get the shakes for not having cheese for 40 days. Man, I love cheese. Since, today is fat Tuesday I will be eating the cheesiest thing I possibly can get my hands on!! I call this my last cheese supper!

I also am going to add prayer into my life again. I plan on reading a little bit of the Bible every night if possible or every other night. I also will be attending Church every week during Lent. I did this last year and the year before. Church just makes me feel good about myself.

What are you doing for Fat Tuesday? Are you giving anything up for Lent this year?

40 days cheese free. I hope Easter Sunday is here before I know it! :) Enjoy yourself on this Fat Tuesday!

Single and complete okay with it

I couldn't think of a good topic to write about tonight, so I asked a friend. She told me write about something you know about and she suggested to not write about fitness for once. Of course, I laughed at that because the things I know most about are fitness, nutrition and how to train for my next tough mudder. Then it hit me like a load of bricks....being single is also something I know a lot about!

I never dreamed my life would be where it is today. I always had a vision in my head that I would have already had my fairy tale wedding, a house with a huge wrap around porch and a couple babies running around. With that being said, I am not so sure I would have enjoyed my life I once dreamed of. I don't have the prince charming or the loving little children running around. And to be perfectly honest, I am 100% okay with that. I love my life!

The thing that kills me the most about being single and 31 is how people think I must be miserable. There is this stigma. Seriously, why does anyone care about how I live my life? I hear all the time "What are you afraid of, you need to stop being so picky and I know this guy who would be perfect for you." What is the big deal? Why can't I be picky and why should I be afraid of the life I chose to live?

As a women, you are expected to one day have a husband and make babies. Men are expected to work and provided for that family. Those were the old rules! Times have changed and it is okay to be in your 30s and single.

Everyone thinks because I am single, I must be depressed or feel alone all the time. That is totally not the case. I am not depressed and I never feel alone. I am able to do the things I want to do and the only person I have to answer to is myself! I couldn't think of a better life. But so many people want me to have that feeling, a husband.. I get it.

But where does one meet a guy in their 30's? It is not an easy task to do! I don't want to meet a guy at a bar, I don't feel right talking to the cute guy in the grocery store and I certainly am not going to go out with a guy I work with. So what do you do?

I have tried online dating, I have tried going out with friends friends, I have done it all. The answer to my question is easy.. you don't do anything. I believe if you are happy with your life, then happiness will find you. I don't need to run around town looking for a man to complete me. I already feel complete in my life. I am independent, I am happy and am completely okay with it.

As long as you can honestly say that the life you are living is the one you're happy with, nothing else matters. There are no rules to say that you can't change things in the future should you want to but neither is it against the law to be perfectly happy to continue with singledom for the rest of your life. There are many benefits to the life I and other singles have. I get the whole bed to myself, (sort of Louie my dog hogs my bed) I can go out at the drop of a hat without requiring anyone's permission or approval, I can be as grumpy as I please in a morning/afternoon/evening without upsetting anybody else and there's less washing... to name but a few benefits. Sure it can be lonely sometimes but honestly, the loneliest I have ever been was whilst IN a relationship.

It's a tough and brave choice at times to be single in your 30's but I'd rather that than have the pressure of living up to the expectations of society. I have nothing expected of me and that, let me tell you is fabulous!!

Three weeks progress pictures

This is super huge for me to post pictures online. But I want to show you my progress in three weeks!
I am a lot slimmer in my mid section! My abs are starting to show again! Which I love. I started three weeks ago at 154 and I am proud to say that I am currently 149! That is 5 pounds in three weeks! The picture of the pink shorts were taken on Jan 30th. The purple suit was taken on Feb 19th. If you ask me this is huge results!

So what did I do? I only pick up a set up weights three times in the last three weeks. I started taking Shakeology and started doing Turbo Fire and Insanity. Of course I am still running because of my Tough Mudder training and half marathon.

I am super excited because I just order another program Les Mills. This is a program that adds weights to the routine. So my 90 day challenge will start all over again when I get that series. I know I will have results because I want to have a beachbody before summer! Continue to follow my journey! I will post pictures every 30 days and tell you how I am doing!

Join Beachbody for free! Just go to
If you want information on programs or Shakeology please email me at

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The 90 Day Personal Challenge

I have decided to take on my own personal 90 day challenge. I have been trying to get my clients to take on the challenge but I haven't done one myself. It didn't make sense to me to try to sell a product that I haven't even completed myself. So I am taking the challenge head on and hoping that I will have huge results!

I have never been a person that loves to workout at home. In fact, I always felt that I would make an excuse if I had my gym downstairs. But lately I been loving my basement gym! I been kicking my butt with Asylum and Turbo fire! I will be adding Les Mills in the mix starting later on this week.

Asylum is no joke! Feels like boot camp in my own home. Asylum unleashes my inner beast! Asylum puts you through plyometrics, speed, agility, strength and core workouts. It helps you get faster, stronger, more agile! This has to help with my tough mudders...correction this already is helping me with my Tough Mudders!

Turbo Fire. I love this series! So much fun and reminds me of dance class. I miss dance! I was a dancer for 10 solid years and was pretty darn good at it! So this takes me back to the dancing days of my life. Turbo Fire includes fire drills, also known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) These drills push you to your max for up to 1-minute bursts, with quick recovery periods. Studies show that HIIT ignites your metabolism, enabling your body to burn more calories for up to 48 hours after your workout.

Those workouts are great! They get my heart pumping! But what I am missing is some serious strength training. So that is why Les Mills is now on the list! This program is just like body pump. I love body pump, so why not bring it to my home gym!

My plan is to blog about my workouts, my results and my challenges. I want to prove to all of you that you can get fit and healthy in your own home. You don't need to go speed a ton of money getting a trainer. You can be your own trainer! All it takes is a few videos, a healthy shake and the will power to kick your own ass!

I will even have pictures of myself in a swim suit to prove to you that the results are real. I plan on getting a beachbody before summer! I hope you follow my 90 day personal challenge! 90 days of fun is what I call it! :)

If you are thinking about taking on your own 90 day personal challenge, come join my team! Here are the links to my beachbody page and shakeology page. I am looking to start a new group in March. You will get personal coaching, menus and help achieve your goals.

If you want to join the challenge please email me at

Saturday, February 18, 2012

It takes time...

So much in life seems inflexible and unchangeable, and part of the joy of changing your lifestyle is the realization that improvement and progress can be achieved... with time!

People who are changing their lives are like any other dream seekers. They have their sights set on a high lofty goal, and they want to achieve it like there is no other.

Sometimes you get discourage, though, because the dream seems so far away and so impossibly hard to reach. It's a little like the way mountaineers must feel when they climb Mount Everest. Base camp is 17,600 elevation, but you still have nearly 12,000 more feet to climb before you reach the top of the summit which is at 29,028. That surely is enough to discourage anyone.

Weight lose and even fitness goals can feel like that sometimes. As daunting as Everest. But if you're discouraged, it may be because you are looking far ahead. You need to quit judging yourself by where you're going and the fact that you haven't yet achieved it. Instead, look at how far you've come and the appreciate what it's taken to get there.

Progress is being made. You might not see it but I promise it is there. It may be slow and incremental at times, but you are gaining ground. Refuse to be discouraged by your what you think is your lack of progress. That's only your perception in the moment, that is not the real reality.

You can be better, you will get better. You are getting better! And you will get to the top of that moment! Don't stare at the bottom of that mountain and think about how far you have to go. Look at the end of the path instead!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Decision made once..

I don't make a decision every morning. I made a decision once, long ago, to be healthy every day. When I wake up, the decision is already made.

Inspiration comes and goes. You can never be sure where, or when it will all align. Inspiration is like a hummingbird, constantly in motion. When it finally lands, it's only for briefest of instants. Once small noise and it flashes away so quickly that you wonder if it was ever there at all.

Every person who is trying to change there life needs inspiration, but the determined kind and the ones how have been doing it a long time mainly get their inspiration from a different place. Maybe it is from a long run or a healthy meal. The act such as running is what gives them the motivation to go on.

Some days you're not going to feel like it. You're going to feel like practicing your avoidance techniques. That's inevitable and that is normal. It is how you handle those avoidance's those little voices inside you.

But if you can find the will to drag yourself out of bed or the office and workout or eat the right foods, you will receive an instant supply of motivation. You will be flooded with motivation; it will surge through your veins like a drug. You will be reminded once more why you are changing your life and why you make the effort to do so. And you will wonder why you even hesitated at all.

Remember that feeling and how good you feel after those successes. I am certain your inspiration will dry up every now and then because it moves fast, but drag yourself to that place where you always feel good!

I always fight with myself in the mornings to get out of bed. I love my sleep! It feels weird waking up at 4:45 AM when the rest of the world is sound a sleep in their beds. I literally talk to myself every morning. I have to visualize myself where I use to be and where I am now. Guess who wins? The new me does! I get up, get dressed and sweat it out like there is no tomorrow! It feels great and I am always happy that I got out of bed. But there are times the old me wins. I always feel tired all day and am filled with regret. Even today as I write this my old me won.

So it happens. You will feel your inspiration slip away. You will feel like going back to those old habits. Find something that inspires you! Something that you can see every single day! Find the inspiration that can't slip away! Like a quote, a picture or that bikini you want to fit in this summer. Put it somewhere you will see everyday. Let it be a reminder of what you want, let this be your inspiration!

Have a Happy Healthy day Friends!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Today in school....

So many of you know I love fitness! I love working out and love inspiring others to move! I enjoy writing blogs, coaching others and giving up my time to encourage you to go beyond your own personal limits. I do it because this is my passion, my one true love!

Most of you probably have no clue what my day job is like. A lot of you know I am teacher and a lot of you know that I coach Lacrosse. You know that I devote my hours at school helping children play sports and learn about fitness. But many of you don’t know what I really do. Many of you think I teach Physical Education. This is in fact a true statement. But most of you don’t know my true title is Adapted Physical Education Specialist. What does that mean?

Adaptive Physical Education (APE) is an adapted, or modified, physical education program designed to meet the individualized gross motor needs, or other disability-related challenges, of an identified student. The program can be provided one-on-one, in a small group, or within the general physical education setting. I work with mental, physical and emotional disabilities every single day.

Why am I telling you this in my fitness blog? To wake you up! Really, wake you up. I have challenges every single day in my job. Some of my students can’t speak, others can’t move and some act out by hitting me or spitting in my face. Those things I can handle and have handle for the past 7 years. However, I was faced with the biggest challenge of my life as a teacher today. I had to help a student understand that she in fact is different then the other kids in her class…. And it broke my heart.

This child is amazing! She lights up the room when she comes in to her PE class. This child is young, maybe 6 and is wheelchair bound. She has slight movement in the legs and is able to walk a few inches with support from an adult. She will never be able to walk alone due to her physical disability and today I think it was the first time she realized it.

In school we are working on jump rope for heart. The children were shown a video about how to keep the heart healthy and why movement is so important. My student told me first thing she was ready to make her heart healthy and was excited to be in class. How could that not make me smile! But soon those smiles turned to tears, big tears.

I was teaching her how to swing the jump rope over her head and wheel over the rope. This was the way we modified her jump roping skills, since she is unable to jump. She started to refuse to work and threw the jump rope down. This surprised me since she was so happy to be in class. I asked her what was wrong. This is when the tears started to fall and my heart started to break.

She didn’t understand why she couldn’t jump rope like her friends. She told me she didn’t want to be different and that she wanted to be like everyone else. I explained to her that she was special and she got to learn a cool new way to jump and I told her all the other kids had to be jealous that she could do it in a chair. But that didn’t help her; it made the tears fall faster. She kept saying but I want to jump like them, I don’t want to be different. I continued to calm her down, hugging her and letting her know that she probably was the coolest little girl I knew. That helped a little. She told me that she would try harder next week and that she loved me.

I am telling you this story because after I left class I became upset. I cried for a good 15 minutes because this child who wants so badly to jump and run will never be able to. I wasn’t upset because this little girl finally realized that she will never be like the other kids. I was upset because so many people in this world sit and do nothing.

So many of you sit and make excuse of why you don’t move. You feel sorry for yourself and feel like you can’t do it because it is so hard. That is CRAP. You can move. You have the ability to get out of bed every morning and use your legs. You have a heart that works and a mind that functions. You don’t have an excuse. God gave you two healthy legs and most of you refuse to use them. You refuse to do what this little girl dreams about. She would take your legs for one minute if she could jump rope, I am sure of that.

So maybe all of you are tired of hearing me go on and on about fitness. You may say to yourself, why is she always shoving this down our throats and can’t she just keep her facebook post about her own life. I could but I can’t stop thinking about my students the one who want to be like you and me, the one’s who have an excuse but wish they didn’t.

My students are special in so many ways! They have the most loving hearts and the most amazing hugs. I feel like I am around living angels when I am near all of them. They bless me with so much happiness and joy. But they also make me angry at the world and angry at people who make excuses. Wake up America! REALLY wake up. Think of those who are less fortunate, think of them as you sit on your couch and continue to make excuses. I know for a fact that they would do anything to be in your shoes, so stop wasting what you have. Do something!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pre-Package Foods

Pre-Package foods...

We have to live in a quick world where the idea of reaching into the freezer and pulling out a ready made meal is all far too appealing. It is so appealing in fact this is how I use to eat. I would fill my freezer with Lean Cuisine pizza's and Weight Watchers meals. Sure I was losing weight (sort of) but what I wasn't doing is really learning how to eat clean. This fast approach is appealing, but this quick fix approach is why so many people think everything should be quick. I need to lose weight quickly, I need McDonald's because it is quick...Blah blah blah. You get the point! Slow down people! The quick fix has become America's number one problem!

I love both of Weight Watchers and Lean Cuisine because they are assisting men and women to lose weight! That is a good thing, a really good thing!!! I just worry about all the stuff that is in those pre-packaged meals. Chemicals.. you name it. How long can a package meal stay in a freezer and what is making it look so good after even the expiry date? Look at the nutrition labels know what you are eating!

My quick fix is preparing my food on Sunday. Sure it takes time and I to don't like giving up 2 hours on Sunday to fix my meals. But once it is done, I have healthy meals for the week. I pop some of it in my fridge and some in the freezer so I can have fresh foods later on in the week or even emergency meals. This is my quick fix, it is a simple! I come home I pull out my meal and pop it in the microwave... and Bam! I have a healthy lunch, dinner, snack all because I took the time. I know my food is clean because I made it!

I do have to say I still go back to my lean cuisine pizza's every now and then. I love pizza and this is my quick fix to that instead of running to pizza hut. But I also make my own pizza that is less calories than the lean cuisine kind. :)

So the real question is how do you food prep? Every Saturday or Sunday I make a list of the foods that I want for the week. I plan each meal out! Usually I will have the same foods on Monday, Wednesday and Friday's, as well as Tuesday, Thursday's and Saturday. Sunday's are days were I allow myself to go off my plan a little but I still keep it healthy! I take that list and head out to the store. I only buy what is on the list! There are times I want to grab the three C's or as my friend Angie put it the Four C's.. Chips, cookies, candy and cakes. But I only buy what is on the list.

I get home and I lay all my food out on the counter. Then it is time to start cooking! I turn on some good music and have my own little time in my kitchen. I cut up veggies, cook meats and separate almonds all into little sandwich baggies. Everything goes in a container or a bag! It is that easy! Put it away and now I have no excuse to eat good healthy meals!

So give it a try! I am telling you if you fail to prepare, you will fail! If I don't do my prep I will normally always fail. I will always run for the quick fix. Normally, it is subway which isn't bad at all. However, I have control over food choices. Many people would rather go to Wendy's.

Give it one week! Plan, write your menu out and cook it up! I promise you will love this and you will be happy Wednesday when you don't want to cook dinner! Don't continue the trend of Quick Fixes, stop it with healthy foods and a happier you!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Three C's

The Three C’s

Do you like the Three C’s? Do you feel that you need to have them in your life daily? What are the three C’s you might be asking? Cookies, Cakes and Candy. Have you ever tried to give up the three C’s? Are you a sugar addict?

Sugar addiction is no joke! I believe I am a sugar addict. Just like I am a food addict! I love the way it taste and love the way it makes me feel, well sort of! So many people say you can’t get hooked on a innocent piece of candy or sugared filled cupcake. But research shows that it is possible.

I know sugar addiction is not in the same league as alcohol or nicotine addiction, but it appears in research that some brain responses may overlap. All of the addiction produce the pleasurable response that fuel a desired to want more and more. Can you stop at one little M&M? I bet not? I bet you will finish the whole bag and even then you probably wish there were more.

The average American consumes approximately 24 teaspoons of sugar a day. That is a lot! What do you think your intake is? How much of an addict are you?

Skip Breakfast? Those who skip breakfast are more likely to crave sugar. Your body wants to get that energy boost first thing in the morning to get your body moving. If you skip your morning breakfast, you are more likely to crave one of the Three C’s in the afternoon. Try a low sugar breakfast tomorrow! Egg whites, oatmeal, fruit or even some Greek Yogurt.

Sleep! Do you get enough of it? Did you know that the body craves sugar and starchy food for energy for fuel? So make sure you get your rest and sleep 7-8 hours a night!

Emotions. I am sorry to say that there is no candy bar in the world that is going to make you feel better. There is no cupcake that will take away a pain of a breakup. There is cookie that is going to take away your emotional pains. Try taking a walk, talking to a friend or even a yoga class. Take that pain and put it into something that will benefit you in the long run.

I know this isn’t easy. I struggle with my own sugar addictions. I use to be the girl that would buy a candy bar every time I went into a store. I am happy to say I can’t even remember the last time I sat down and enjoy a Kit Kat.

See you may not be able to curve your sugar addiction but you can alter it. You can make shakes full of nutrition, have Sugar Free Pudding or even have Almonds that are coco flavor. I now have a daily Chocolate Shakeology shake, instead of my daily candy bar. I can make my shake taste like butterfinger, chocolate cheesecake or even a peanut butter piece of heaven. I get the satisfaction with my shake, as I did with my candy bar but without the guilt and shame.

Kick Sugar, Kick the habit! Make the Three C’s cookies, cakes and candy part of your old habits! Make the new Three C’s commitment, control, confidence.

Try giving up sugar for a week! I bet you will feel awesome!

Friday, February 10, 2012

"Why do I overeat."

With weight lose, knowledge is power….

So many people think that if you get on a diet you will lose weight. Sure that might be true, but what happens when you are off that diet? You slowly go back to those habits, you eat cheeseburgers and ice cream. You don’t plan for success and find yourself running to McDonald’s to get a quick fix. Losing weight should not be about a diet it should be able a lifestyle change.

Losing weight is a mental game. You will always have to fight with those inner voices to eat the unhealthy stuff. To go back to the food that use to make you happy. But you have to have the “willpower” to tell those voices that you are happy with your new life plan. You have to tell them to shut up! The more you know about weight loss the easier it will be for you to lose weight.

You have to ask questions like “Why do I overeat?” Once you figure those questions out this will lead you to control. Simple but powerful!

Know the lies

There are so many lies out there in the fitness world. Take this pill, do this workout…blah blah blah. Let’s say you’ve been watching TV. You see this ad that tells you that you can lose weight in your sleep. All you have to do is sleep! Amazing right! Let’s say you believe that commercial. You can lose weight without exercises, without changing your food, all you do is sleep. And now you start eating all you want because you believe in it.

Well, you can’t. It is not possible to lose weight in your sleep. It just simply doesn’t work that way. Have you tried this? Or tried the magic diet pill? What happened? Where are you now? My bet is that you are still unhappy and are still in the same place before you believed in this sleep theory.

So, what do you do now? If you want to really find out, “Why do I overeat?” First, you have to forget about those miracle diets, you have to forget about the quick fix. You have to unlearn all the unworkable things that you were told. And what really does work. When you do you will understand, “Why do I overeat?” and you’ll know what to do about it.

So really search that question. Find why you “overeat.” Maybe you are not eating enough good foods or maybe you are depressed and that food makes you feel better just for a second. Know the reason. This will help you know where to go next!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

5 Minutes

"Hell is full of talented but Heaven of the energetic." -Saint Jane Francis de Chantal

This morning when I woke up I felt a little sluggish and well uninspired really. But I still got up at 4:45 and I still put on my workout gear. I slowly walked down to my basement (aka my Hell) and put my workout video in. I stood there thinking gosh, bed was so nice. Then I started to warm up with Shawn T. He started to yell and I instantly woke up and felt better.

That is the way it is with activity. Whatever your mood, working out will always put you in a better place. It creates positive energy. If you're tired, it will give you pep. If you're already got enough pep, it will give you an extra dose. If you're feeling down, it will lift your spirits. It's the greatest antidepressant of all. And if you're already feeling good, you'll feel so good after that you won't be able to stand yourself (lol..okay maybe not). Or if you were like me today and really didn't want to do the work, you will instantly get inspired to finish.

There are times when I hate the gym, really hate it. Those evil voices in my head scream at me, go back home you don't need to workout. I don't let the voices win. I always tell myself if I still feel like this five minutes in I will leave. I have the five minute rule at the gym. If I my mood doesn't change five minutes in, I leave. I can honestly say I have only done this a few times. When the blood starts moving I feel better, 90% of the time!

So give yourself the five minute rule. Let working out create energy for you. Let it change your mood. Then let that energy carry you to great places in your life! Give yourself an energy boost and start moving! Five minutes! :) Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lack of Time?

"One can always trust to time. Insert a wedge of time, and nearly everything straightens itself out." -Norman Douglas

One of the reason people give for not working out is lack of time. But if you say to these same people, "Not even 10 minutes?" they will probably respond that that's not enough time to do any good; a person needs a half hour or even more to get in a good cardiovascular workout.

The truth is, 10 minutes is a lot. 10 minutes is a start. You can get a lot accomplish in 10 minutes. And no one's schedule is so tight that he or she can't spare 10 minutes. This 10 minute rule applies to any project that you may want to tackle but seem to have lack of time for. Want to paint a beautiful painting? Learn a new language? Improve your cooking skills? 10 minutes!

Start with 10 minutes a day! Though it may seem like nothing, it is actually something! It has ways to expanding! You could do 10 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day. Wow! Now you have 30 minutes of working out or painting that painting. Once you make room for 10 minutes, 15 minutes and then 20 minutes will be a snap and with hardly any effort at all your schedule will have somehow found room to accommodate all your desires.

Beachbody has a Ten Minute trainer. They know that life is busy and it is hard to get a long workout in. 10 minutes! If you want more information on the 10 minute trainer let me know!

Today, I challenge you to take 10 minutes to do something you think you don't have time for. I always feel I don't have time to draw. But today I will take 10 minutes to start a new art piece. What will you do with your 10 minutes? Let me comments and tell me what activity you will find time for today! if you are interested in learning about the 10 minute trainer! :) Have a Happy Healthy Day!

Monday, February 6, 2012


"If someone says 'can't,' that shows you what to do." -John Cage.

Has someone every said to you, "There is no way you can do that." "That is a lot of hard work I can't see how it is possible."... etc. etc.

I had someone tell me, "You can't run a marathon," guess what I made that a goal of mine. When I finished that marathon guess who was the first person I called!

If someone says, "You'll never be able to lose weight," tell yourself right then and there, that that is what you must do. Set your sights high that you will prove those people wrong. Take those "Can't" statements and turn them into "Can's."

I draw my own inspiration from the "can't." NO matter who says it, I always try to do the opposite. I fight hard because I believe that I have the power to prove anyone wrong.

Now, its a much trickier situation if the person who is telling you "can't" is located inside your head. Examine the voice. Who does it belong to? Your mother or father? Sister or brother? A ex or an old high school teacher or coach?

Whoever it is, tell that person what you would any other. Tell him or her, "That yes I can." You're not going to stop me, not this time! This is too important. I want to do this thing. I want to set a clear goal for myself and achieve it. I know I can, and I WILL!

I had a teacher in grade school tell me that I would never make it to college and that I would amount to nothing. She was always putting me down. I believed her for a very long time that I was worthless, but then one day I woke up. She lived inside my head when I entered college but every time I passed a class I would scream I Can and I Did! To this day I still have her living in my head but I have her there as a reminder that I have come a long way. Now her trap is shut and I have 9 solid years of college education under my belt. It makes me laugh because all I had to do is say "CAN"

So I challenge you to start using the work "CAN." Turn every "Can't" into a "Can" statement! This could be for anything in life a career, nutrition or even a fitness challenge. Whatever it is, you can do it and if your like me YOU WILL! So go out there and prove those jerks wrong! Laugh in their faces when you do it! Go on be amazing!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


"A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools." -Spanish Proverb

So how are your tools holding up? Are you putting them to use, or are you letting them gather dust in the garage?

So many people take their health for granted, they don't take care of it until they get sick or injured. Then they finally realize what a gift their health is. Nothing, not money, success, fame or happiness compares to it. NOTHING. You only have one life, one chance to keep yourself healthy.

Good health is a matter of priorities. If you value it as a priority, you'll find time for it. You might wake up at 5 AM to do a quick workout before your kids wake up. You might run to the bathroom at work to do squats and lunges. For me, my health is a priority. I want to wake up feeling that I am doing everything I can to live a long healthy happy life.

Are you busier than the president of the United States? He makes health his priority. He seems to be able to fit it into his schedule. He realizes that without your health, you've got nothing. So find the time to move.

There is no real secret about it. You know that your health should be a priority. You know you should take care of the one body that God gave you. But you don't. You find excuses. I am a busy mother, I work 10 hour shifts...etc. etc.

Let me tell you about my father. He works 10 hours shifts and 7 days a week. But like the President my dad finds time to make his health a priority. So where does he find the time you might ask? He walks during his lunch breaks, rides his bike to work (40 miles there and back) and he wakes up early to run. He makes it a priority because he wants to be here for his children and his grandchildren. He finds the time for fitness, god and his family. He is busy, he is tired but he is healthy.

Just like my dad, I am busy. I am taking college classes, work full time, coach high school lacrosse, am a beachbody coach and I still have time for my social life. So you might ask, where do I find time to workout? I get up at 4:45 in the morning while the rest of the world is asleep. I make it a priority to move for a full hour every single morning. I love sleep but I also love my health more. Priority. I look at my schedule for the week and I mark down my workouts. I put it in my daily calendar because it my priority.

Are you going to make your health a priority or are you going to sit there and allow it to collect the unhealthy dust. Your running shoes are in the closet. Your sweats and socks are in the drawer. The gym is open, the road is calling your name. So I ask you, what is stopping you? What is really stopping you?

Make your health a priority today! Go for a 20 minute walk with the dog, play tag with your children, do jumping jacks during commercial breaks. Why? Because your health is worth it! You are worth it!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Motivation-Part Two

Part 2

How to keep that motivation going

You have to have the right mindset

Without a good mindset, you will be facing unnecessary difficulties. You need to realize that anything worth striving for will be challenging. Go into this with massive determination, focus and motivation. When you take it seriously, your motivation to workout will increase. Think like a warrior. Know that internal enemies will constantly try to stop you. Don’t listen to them! They will tell you to quit, they will tell you are tired and they will tell you it is not worth it. Be prepared to battle back and take them down like a true warrior.

I always have positive sayings around! I try my hardest not to let negative energy in my life. But I hear those voices all the time. Sometimes they win, but most of the time I tell them I am the one in charge. So take charge of the whole YOU!

Have Desire

If you are just slightly interest in working out and improving your health, it’s going to be difficult to do it long enough to make it a new habit. You have to have a Intense desire to better yourself. You have to believe you are worth it! Worth the sweat, worth the pain and worth the time in the gym. Your desire to workout and get the body you want has to be greater than any reason that may come up for you to quit.

Write down why you want it! Why do you want that new body, new workout, why do you want to lose that weight? Is it to become more fit, live a healthier life? The more reason you have the better it is to keep that desire! Make a list!

My motivation to workout and lose weight 10 years ago was that I did NOT want to be a “Fat, Unhealthy PE teacher.” I wanted to walk the talk and I wanted to practice what I preached. I wanted to be a role model for my students and I wanted feel happy again. I made list, I had goals and I gave myself no other choice but to be successful and because of that, I did!

Find that inspiration

Watch videos, find quotes or talk to people who have achieved the fitness goals that you’re pursing. When you see or hear stories of people, you will begin to have faith and confidence that you can do the same. This is something I highly recommended. This can be your support system!

I can remember the first thing that inspired me! It was watching the Hawaii Iron-Man. If you have never watched it on TV, you should! They tell stories of people who had hardships but they were determined to reach their goals. But it was that one family that inspired me the most. Dick Hoyt team.

This man has the determination, the inspiration and the drive to do something … and it is all for his son! Here is a little video! Watching them gave me all the drive I needed to move forward. To this day I go back and watch videos of this team, I always get motivated again and always want to do more!

Excuses will happen

Excuses will come up. They will show up with you least expect it. I make fitness excuses, food excuses and I also make excuses for drinking. But you have to decided if the excuse is worth it, or is your desire worth it more. When your motivation to workout is high, your mindset is different.

I use to tell myself that it was okay to drink and after 10 beers I would make another excuse. Now I have the power say “NO” because I want to be fit more and I want to race more than be drunk. I get up in the morning even though I love sleeping. I push myself all the time, because I want it!

You must be prepared to deal with these excuses when they come up. They will come up more often then not!

Prepare for setbacks

You might lose weight slowly or you might even put on weight before you lose it. You may lose a lot at first and then things might slow down or even stop. Heck, you might not lose weight at all. Know that this is NORMAL otherwise your motivation to continue will die.

When this happens, don’t get discouraged. This is why many people quit. SO please don’t let this happen to you. Keep going. Keep being that strong warrior that you are. You will start feeling better and you might even see the results. But don’t ever give up! EVER!

Meal Prep!

This is HUGE! One reason why people tend to overeat is because they are not prepared. I LOVE eating! Love junk food, love pizza and fries. If I don’t prepare guess where I am going. I am going to where they serve crap and I bet that is where you will go too. But since I make a commitment to myself once a week to prepare my workouts and my food (usually on Sunday), I don’t have the urge to run to that crap. My eating schedule is set and I normally follow it!

I cook everything Sunday. I bag up the food into portions. So when I am ready to eat I just grab the bag and throw it into the microwave and Boom there is my meal! Simple right! This is the key to success!

Make this a habit! Keep doing these things till they feel normal to you! Get that fire burning inside you, have a plan and tell everyone you know that you are staring a new road to a healthier you! Be ready for obstacles, be ready for excuses but just remember you have the power to move forward! You are a warrior and you will NOT stop until you reach “YOUR HAPPINESS.” Be amazing, be a warrior, Be YOU!