Friday, February 17, 2012

Decision made once..

I don't make a decision every morning. I made a decision once, long ago, to be healthy every day. When I wake up, the decision is already made.

Inspiration comes and goes. You can never be sure where, or when it will all align. Inspiration is like a hummingbird, constantly in motion. When it finally lands, it's only for briefest of instants. Once small noise and it flashes away so quickly that you wonder if it was ever there at all.

Every person who is trying to change there life needs inspiration, but the determined kind and the ones how have been doing it a long time mainly get their inspiration from a different place. Maybe it is from a long run or a healthy meal. The act such as running is what gives them the motivation to go on.

Some days you're not going to feel like it. You're going to feel like practicing your avoidance techniques. That's inevitable and that is normal. It is how you handle those avoidance's those little voices inside you.

But if you can find the will to drag yourself out of bed or the office and workout or eat the right foods, you will receive an instant supply of motivation. You will be flooded with motivation; it will surge through your veins like a drug. You will be reminded once more why you are changing your life and why you make the effort to do so. And you will wonder why you even hesitated at all.

Remember that feeling and how good you feel after those successes. I am certain your inspiration will dry up every now and then because it moves fast, but drag yourself to that place where you always feel good!

I always fight with myself in the mornings to get out of bed. I love my sleep! It feels weird waking up at 4:45 AM when the rest of the world is sound a sleep in their beds. I literally talk to myself every morning. I have to visualize myself where I use to be and where I am now. Guess who wins? The new me does! I get up, get dressed and sweat it out like there is no tomorrow! It feels great and I am always happy that I got out of bed. But there are times the old me wins. I always feel tired all day and am filled with regret. Even today as I write this my old me won.

So it happens. You will feel your inspiration slip away. You will feel like going back to those old habits. Find something that inspires you! Something that you can see every single day! Find the inspiration that can't slip away! Like a quote, a picture or that bikini you want to fit in this summer. Put it somewhere you will see everyday. Let it be a reminder of what you want, let this be your inspiration!

Have a Happy Healthy day Friends!

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