Monday, February 6, 2012


"If someone says 'can't,' that shows you what to do." -John Cage.

Has someone every said to you, "There is no way you can do that." "That is a lot of hard work I can't see how it is possible."... etc. etc.

I had someone tell me, "You can't run a marathon," guess what I made that a goal of mine. When I finished that marathon guess who was the first person I called!

If someone says, "You'll never be able to lose weight," tell yourself right then and there, that that is what you must do. Set your sights high that you will prove those people wrong. Take those "Can't" statements and turn them into "Can's."

I draw my own inspiration from the "can't." NO matter who says it, I always try to do the opposite. I fight hard because I believe that I have the power to prove anyone wrong.

Now, its a much trickier situation if the person who is telling you "can't" is located inside your head. Examine the voice. Who does it belong to? Your mother or father? Sister or brother? A ex or an old high school teacher or coach?

Whoever it is, tell that person what you would any other. Tell him or her, "That yes I can." You're not going to stop me, not this time! This is too important. I want to do this thing. I want to set a clear goal for myself and achieve it. I know I can, and I WILL!

I had a teacher in grade school tell me that I would never make it to college and that I would amount to nothing. She was always putting me down. I believed her for a very long time that I was worthless, but then one day I woke up. She lived inside my head when I entered college but every time I passed a class I would scream I Can and I Did! To this day I still have her living in my head but I have her there as a reminder that I have come a long way. Now her trap is shut and I have 9 solid years of college education under my belt. It makes me laugh because all I had to do is say "CAN"

So I challenge you to start using the work "CAN." Turn every "Can't" into a "Can" statement! This could be for anything in life a career, nutrition or even a fitness challenge. Whatever it is, you can do it and if your like me YOU WILL! So go out there and prove those jerks wrong! Laugh in their faces when you do it! Go on be amazing!

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