Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Try one more time...

When the world says "Give up," hope whispers, "Try one more time.

Do you ever feel like the world is against you? Have you ever felt like you gave 100% to reach your goals but it still wasn't enough to get you fully there? Give up.. right? That is the best thing to do when the world doesn't agree with you.

For so long I believed what the world said, which caused me to give up time and time again. I sometimes still believe that giving up might be the only thing left to do. I just have to sit and listen..really listen and I can hear my heart scream "Don't you dare, go for it one more time."

The conscious mind is an evil holds us back. This is where fear hides. Fear keeps you from trying something new, making changes and trying one more time. Fear is not my friend at all.

Fear continues to hold me back. Fear yells to me you can't do it. My fear says to me "Your not good enough, no one would hire you, how can you take such a big risk, you just don't have the talent like they do." Fear not my best friend that is for sure and has not be my friend in the past few years.

But let me make something perfectly clear... I am NOT what my conscious mind says I am. I guarantee you are NOT what your conscious mind says you are either.

Your conscious mind actually has a positive intention with all of its negative talk. that intention is to keep you safe by keeping you exactly where you are so that you don't fail or make a fool of yourself trying something new. Despite its positive intent, the conscious mind has a real lousy way of going about it. If you look back over your life, I am sure you will agree it hasn't served you very well in living the life you desire.

The conscious mind only has the power you fuel it... Remember that! You give power to it by giving the serious consideration of anything it says.

There is another voice in you..... You might not even be aware of it, or you may have forgotten that it is there. This other voice is not loud. It is unconditionally loving and supporting of your dreams, but it speaks in a whisper. It believe in you!

These two voices are like having two different radio stations in your head. You have the power to turn one down and the power to turn one up. When you have the voice that believes on full blast you will find that doubt and fear slowly starts to disappear. This is when the path becomes so clear. This is when the fog is removed and you know exactly what to do.

BE AWARE of those voices. Listen to them and allow yourself to have the power to turn them on and off. When you hear fear tell you things... yell "STOP, I can do it and I am worth it." Close your eyes see the loving voice standing beside you holding a sign that says "YES YOU CAN" This voice knows you and knows you will try one more time, because it is the real you.

Remember the voices have the power you fuel it. Starve the voice that doesn't believe in you and then it will then be powerless! This is when you will become unstoppable!

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