Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pre-Package Foods

Pre-Package foods...

We have to live in a quick world where the idea of reaching into the freezer and pulling out a ready made meal is all far too appealing. It is so appealing in fact this is how I use to eat. I would fill my freezer with Lean Cuisine pizza's and Weight Watchers meals. Sure I was losing weight (sort of) but what I wasn't doing is really learning how to eat clean. This fast approach is appealing, but this quick fix approach is why so many people think everything should be quick. I need to lose weight quickly, I need McDonald's because it is quick...Blah blah blah. You get the point! Slow down people! The quick fix has become America's number one problem!

I love both of Weight Watchers and Lean Cuisine because they are assisting men and women to lose weight! That is a good thing, a really good thing!!! I just worry about all the stuff that is in those pre-packaged meals. Chemicals.. you name it. How long can a package meal stay in a freezer and what is making it look so good after even the expiry date? Look at the nutrition labels know what you are eating!

My quick fix is preparing my food on Sunday. Sure it takes time and I to don't like giving up 2 hours on Sunday to fix my meals. But once it is done, I have healthy meals for the week. I pop some of it in my fridge and some in the freezer so I can have fresh foods later on in the week or even emergency meals. This is my quick fix, it is a simple! I come home I pull out my meal and pop it in the microwave... and Bam! I have a healthy lunch, dinner, snack all because I took the time. I know my food is clean because I made it!

I do have to say I still go back to my lean cuisine pizza's every now and then. I love pizza and this is my quick fix to that instead of running to pizza hut. But I also make my own pizza that is less calories than the lean cuisine kind. :)

So the real question is how do you food prep? Every Saturday or Sunday I make a list of the foods that I want for the week. I plan each meal out! Usually I will have the same foods on Monday, Wednesday and Friday's, as well as Tuesday, Thursday's and Saturday. Sunday's are days were I allow myself to go off my plan a little but I still keep it healthy! I take that list and head out to the store. I only buy what is on the list! There are times I want to grab the three C's or as my friend Angie put it the Four C's.. Chips, cookies, candy and cakes. But I only buy what is on the list.

I get home and I lay all my food out on the counter. Then it is time to start cooking! I turn on some good music and have my own little time in my kitchen. I cut up veggies, cook meats and separate almonds all into little sandwich baggies. Everything goes in a container or a bag! It is that easy! Put it away and now I have no excuse to eat good healthy meals!

So give it a try! I am telling you if you fail to prepare, you will fail! If I don't do my prep I will normally always fail. I will always run for the quick fix. Normally, it is subway which isn't bad at all. However, I have control over food choices. Many people would rather go to Wendy's.

Give it one week! Plan, write your menu out and cook it up! I promise you will love this and you will be happy Wednesday when you don't want to cook dinner! Don't continue the trend of Quick Fixes, stop it with healthy foods and a happier you!

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