Friday, February 3, 2012

Motivation to work out-Part One

Why so many people "Take a BREAK"

Part one!

So many people start a workout routine only to “TAKE a BREAK” and start over again several weeks later or even months later. Many workout out for a month, they don’t see results and they stop. They will come back to the gym after they realize they have gotten way too out of shape. They determination and motivation is high to stick with the program. Only to slip in the same path as the last time, they quit. Does this sound familiar?

This use to be me years ago, I would start up excited and would stop my plan because I was bored, not seeing results or I was burnt out. So what was I doing wrong and what are most of you doing wrong?

The problem with working out for most people is that after some time, the motivation to workout dries out. Here are some common reasons why they stop.

Wrong strategy

There is so many resources out there in fitness and wellness, so educating yourself shouldn’t be a problem. The basic formula to drop pounds is to eat less calories than you burn or burn more calories than you eat! It is that simple but years ago that formula didn’t matter. I would still eat many calories and would try to kill myself in the gym to get the results I wanted. Guess what? Nothing happened! There is no magic formula. You have to do the work and cut out the fat bottom line.

Lack of Results

To many people workout hoping that they will have results right away. When the results don’t live up to their expectation, many get discourage and quit. People you will not get results overnight, it just will not happen. Actually it will take a month or two before you see that waist get smaller or the scale to see results. Try to hang on to that motivation for at least 8 weeks and I promise you if you are doing the work and sticking to a nutrition plan you will see results!

Slowed progress

Some people are lucky and they lose weight quickly. I tend to get mad at this people. Men tend to lose weight faster than women. These lucky people want to continue to have major results, but guess what the progress will slow down. Thinking that results will stay consistent will just end up disappointing you. Just remember if you lose weight fast, you might find out that you will might start losing less and less. Our body goes into a shock mode and it does what it can to try to protect us. So keep moving forward and don’t stop!

The Plateau

I hate plateaus, seriously. I have found myself sitting on a plateau for years. Nothing changes. But this is when I have to change what I am doing. When you start working out, results will be very encouraging. You will continue to get motivation as you continue to get results. However, sooner or later, you will hit that wall also know as a plateau. Athletes experience this all the time. You just get to a point where things slow down, results might actually stop. This is highly frustrating! I know it I been there! But you have to change your workouts, change what you are eating, shock your system in a different way. The plateau is not my friend but they always are a challenge I like to work with. You can’t let a plateau win; you have to push past it!


This is when you get to the point where you’ve loss enough weight and have seen amazing results to feel satisfied. You’re not where you want to be but it’s not bad enough for you to want to do much about it anymore. At this point, your motivation to workout has completely dropped. You may stop working out all together until your body gets to the point the motivation to workout has increased again.

Another thing that can happen is your happy with weight loss and feel you don’t need to work out anymore. You go back to old habits. Guess what? You just put on all the weight you work so hard to get off. This has happened to me a lot. I call this the roller coaster part of dieting. Don’t be like me try to stick with the new habits!

Part two tomorrow! :)

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