Thursday, February 9, 2012

5 Minutes

"Hell is full of talented but Heaven of the energetic." -Saint Jane Francis de Chantal

This morning when I woke up I felt a little sluggish and well uninspired really. But I still got up at 4:45 and I still put on my workout gear. I slowly walked down to my basement (aka my Hell) and put my workout video in. I stood there thinking gosh, bed was so nice. Then I started to warm up with Shawn T. He started to yell and I instantly woke up and felt better.

That is the way it is with activity. Whatever your mood, working out will always put you in a better place. It creates positive energy. If you're tired, it will give you pep. If you're already got enough pep, it will give you an extra dose. If you're feeling down, it will lift your spirits. It's the greatest antidepressant of all. And if you're already feeling good, you'll feel so good after that you won't be able to stand yourself (lol..okay maybe not). Or if you were like me today and really didn't want to do the work, you will instantly get inspired to finish.

There are times when I hate the gym, really hate it. Those evil voices in my head scream at me, go back home you don't need to workout. I don't let the voices win. I always tell myself if I still feel like this five minutes in I will leave. I have the five minute rule at the gym. If I my mood doesn't change five minutes in, I leave. I can honestly say I have only done this a few times. When the blood starts moving I feel better, 90% of the time!

So give yourself the five minute rule. Let working out create energy for you. Let it change your mood. Then let that energy carry you to great places in your life! Give yourself an energy boost and start moving! Five minutes! :) Enjoy your day!

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  1. That's a great way to approach working out when your just not feeling it. I will start using the 5 minute rule :) Thanks for sharing!