Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Three C's

The Three C’s

Do you like the Three C’s? Do you feel that you need to have them in your life daily? What are the three C’s you might be asking? Cookies, Cakes and Candy. Have you ever tried to give up the three C’s? Are you a sugar addict?

Sugar addiction is no joke! I believe I am a sugar addict. Just like I am a food addict! I love the way it taste and love the way it makes me feel, well sort of! So many people say you can’t get hooked on a innocent piece of candy or sugared filled cupcake. But research shows that it is possible.

I know sugar addiction is not in the same league as alcohol or nicotine addiction, but it appears in research that some brain responses may overlap. All of the addiction produce the pleasurable response that fuel a desired to want more and more. Can you stop at one little M&M? I bet not? I bet you will finish the whole bag and even then you probably wish there were more.

The average American consumes approximately 24 teaspoons of sugar a day. That is a lot! What do you think your intake is? How much of an addict are you?

Skip Breakfast? Those who skip breakfast are more likely to crave sugar. Your body wants to get that energy boost first thing in the morning to get your body moving. If you skip your morning breakfast, you are more likely to crave one of the Three C’s in the afternoon. Try a low sugar breakfast tomorrow! Egg whites, oatmeal, fruit or even some Greek Yogurt.

Sleep! Do you get enough of it? Did you know that the body craves sugar and starchy food for energy for fuel? So make sure you get your rest and sleep 7-8 hours a night!

Emotions. I am sorry to say that there is no candy bar in the world that is going to make you feel better. There is no cupcake that will take away a pain of a breakup. There is cookie that is going to take away your emotional pains. Try taking a walk, talking to a friend or even a yoga class. Take that pain and put it into something that will benefit you in the long run.

I know this isn’t easy. I struggle with my own sugar addictions. I use to be the girl that would buy a candy bar every time I went into a store. I am happy to say I can’t even remember the last time I sat down and enjoy a Kit Kat.

See you may not be able to curve your sugar addiction but you can alter it. You can make shakes full of nutrition, have Sugar Free Pudding or even have Almonds that are coco flavor. I now have a daily Chocolate Shakeology shake, instead of my daily candy bar. I can make my shake taste like butterfinger, chocolate cheesecake or even a peanut butter piece of heaven. I get the satisfaction with my shake, as I did with my candy bar but without the guilt and shame.

Kick Sugar, Kick the habit! Make the Three C’s cookies, cakes and candy part of your old habits! Make the new Three C’s commitment, control, confidence.

Try giving up sugar for a week! I bet you will feel awesome!

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