Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Negative talk

Negative-self talk.

Let’s be honest here, we are all experts at talking ourselves out of great opportunities to reach beyond our own confront zone. We self-sabotage ourselves by allowing our negative self-talk to discourage us from moving beyond a point of feeling what I call “the stuck feeling.” We end up giving in because after all it is much easier to just stop whatever your doing than to put the effort into what we want.

Negative self talk can be about so many things. It can be about how we view our bodies, exercising, food, careers and love. Whatever it is I challenge you to listen to what you are actually saying to yourself. Jot it down on a piece of paper. After you can visualize, I want you to replace this negative phrases and replace it with a positive one.

This should be easy right? I can say for me personally my negative self-talk holds me back in a lot of things. Holds me back on jobs and finding someone I can spend the rest of my life with. But I have some really awesome positive self-talk. I believe I can do anything when it comes to working out and feel that I have the power to conquer any obstacle that gets in my way. Isn’t funny that I am so hard on myself with some things and love myself in other ways. I bet this is how we all function.

So no this exercise will not be easy, in fact I been working for a few weeks to create positive self-talk about my career. It is hard to believe in yourself when you have been rejected so many times, but I know deep down I am worth it.

Every time we possess a feeling or experience an emotion of any kind…we choose the way we talk to ourselves. If we choose to feel negatively and believe a though then we have chosen to be a product of bad thinking. A thought can produce an emotion only if you believe it is true. Believe it or not holding onto a though and creating a feeling is a choice, just like it’s our choice to insert a positive one!

Negative Self-Talk Replace it with a Positive one

1. I never get anything right. 1. I always learn from my mistakes and failures.

2. This will be difficult. 2. Challenges make me stronger

3. I have no time… 3. I will make time…

4. I am cursed 4. I am blessed

5. I am not good enough 5. I am good enough

6. What if I try and fail? 6. This will work for me because I can do it

7. I am stuck 7. I have the ability to move forward

8. I can’t do that… 8. I will do that and I will do my best

9. They will not hire me 9. I would be a great asset to their team

I could go on forever but those are a few I tell myself all the time. You have to change the way you talk to yourself to change what is going on around you. It is amazing once you start believing in yourself what you can do and what the universe will do for you. Changes the negative talk into one that will help you accomplish your goals!

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