Sunday, February 5, 2012


"A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools." -Spanish Proverb

So how are your tools holding up? Are you putting them to use, or are you letting them gather dust in the garage?

So many people take their health for granted, they don't take care of it until they get sick or injured. Then they finally realize what a gift their health is. Nothing, not money, success, fame or happiness compares to it. NOTHING. You only have one life, one chance to keep yourself healthy.

Good health is a matter of priorities. If you value it as a priority, you'll find time for it. You might wake up at 5 AM to do a quick workout before your kids wake up. You might run to the bathroom at work to do squats and lunges. For me, my health is a priority. I want to wake up feeling that I am doing everything I can to live a long healthy happy life.

Are you busier than the president of the United States? He makes health his priority. He seems to be able to fit it into his schedule. He realizes that without your health, you've got nothing. So find the time to move.

There is no real secret about it. You know that your health should be a priority. You know you should take care of the one body that God gave you. But you don't. You find excuses. I am a busy mother, I work 10 hour shifts...etc. etc.

Let me tell you about my father. He works 10 hours shifts and 7 days a week. But like the President my dad finds time to make his health a priority. So where does he find the time you might ask? He walks during his lunch breaks, rides his bike to work (40 miles there and back) and he wakes up early to run. He makes it a priority because he wants to be here for his children and his grandchildren. He finds the time for fitness, god and his family. He is busy, he is tired but he is healthy.

Just like my dad, I am busy. I am taking college classes, work full time, coach high school lacrosse, am a beachbody coach and I still have time for my social life. So you might ask, where do I find time to workout? I get up at 4:45 in the morning while the rest of the world is asleep. I make it a priority to move for a full hour every single morning. I love sleep but I also love my health more. Priority. I look at my schedule for the week and I mark down my workouts. I put it in my daily calendar because it my priority.

Are you going to make your health a priority or are you going to sit there and allow it to collect the unhealthy dust. Your running shoes are in the closet. Your sweats and socks are in the drawer. The gym is open, the road is calling your name. So I ask you, what is stopping you? What is really stopping you?

Make your health a priority today! Go for a 20 minute walk with the dog, play tag with your children, do jumping jacks during commercial breaks. Why? Because your health is worth it! You are worth it!

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