Friday, February 3, 2012

Motivation-Part Two

Part 2

How to keep that motivation going

You have to have the right mindset

Without a good mindset, you will be facing unnecessary difficulties. You need to realize that anything worth striving for will be challenging. Go into this with massive determination, focus and motivation. When you take it seriously, your motivation to workout will increase. Think like a warrior. Know that internal enemies will constantly try to stop you. Don’t listen to them! They will tell you to quit, they will tell you are tired and they will tell you it is not worth it. Be prepared to battle back and take them down like a true warrior.

I always have positive sayings around! I try my hardest not to let negative energy in my life. But I hear those voices all the time. Sometimes they win, but most of the time I tell them I am the one in charge. So take charge of the whole YOU!

Have Desire

If you are just slightly interest in working out and improving your health, it’s going to be difficult to do it long enough to make it a new habit. You have to have a Intense desire to better yourself. You have to believe you are worth it! Worth the sweat, worth the pain and worth the time in the gym. Your desire to workout and get the body you want has to be greater than any reason that may come up for you to quit.

Write down why you want it! Why do you want that new body, new workout, why do you want to lose that weight? Is it to become more fit, live a healthier life? The more reason you have the better it is to keep that desire! Make a list!

My motivation to workout and lose weight 10 years ago was that I did NOT want to be a “Fat, Unhealthy PE teacher.” I wanted to walk the talk and I wanted to practice what I preached. I wanted to be a role model for my students and I wanted feel happy again. I made list, I had goals and I gave myself no other choice but to be successful and because of that, I did!

Find that inspiration

Watch videos, find quotes or talk to people who have achieved the fitness goals that you’re pursing. When you see or hear stories of people, you will begin to have faith and confidence that you can do the same. This is something I highly recommended. This can be your support system!

I can remember the first thing that inspired me! It was watching the Hawaii Iron-Man. If you have never watched it on TV, you should! They tell stories of people who had hardships but they were determined to reach their goals. But it was that one family that inspired me the most. Dick Hoyt team.

This man has the determination, the inspiration and the drive to do something … and it is all for his son! Here is a little video! Watching them gave me all the drive I needed to move forward. To this day I go back and watch videos of this team, I always get motivated again and always want to do more!

Excuses will happen

Excuses will come up. They will show up with you least expect it. I make fitness excuses, food excuses and I also make excuses for drinking. But you have to decided if the excuse is worth it, or is your desire worth it more. When your motivation to workout is high, your mindset is different.

I use to tell myself that it was okay to drink and after 10 beers I would make another excuse. Now I have the power say “NO” because I want to be fit more and I want to race more than be drunk. I get up in the morning even though I love sleeping. I push myself all the time, because I want it!

You must be prepared to deal with these excuses when they come up. They will come up more often then not!

Prepare for setbacks

You might lose weight slowly or you might even put on weight before you lose it. You may lose a lot at first and then things might slow down or even stop. Heck, you might not lose weight at all. Know that this is NORMAL otherwise your motivation to continue will die.

When this happens, don’t get discouraged. This is why many people quit. SO please don’t let this happen to you. Keep going. Keep being that strong warrior that you are. You will start feeling better and you might even see the results. But don’t ever give up! EVER!

Meal Prep!

This is HUGE! One reason why people tend to overeat is because they are not prepared. I LOVE eating! Love junk food, love pizza and fries. If I don’t prepare guess where I am going. I am going to where they serve crap and I bet that is where you will go too. But since I make a commitment to myself once a week to prepare my workouts and my food (usually on Sunday), I don’t have the urge to run to that crap. My eating schedule is set and I normally follow it!

I cook everything Sunday. I bag up the food into portions. So when I am ready to eat I just grab the bag and throw it into the microwave and Boom there is my meal! Simple right! This is the key to success!

Make this a habit! Keep doing these things till they feel normal to you! Get that fire burning inside you, have a plan and tell everyone you know that you are staring a new road to a healthier you! Be ready for obstacles, be ready for excuses but just remember you have the power to move forward! You are a warrior and you will NOT stop until you reach “YOUR HAPPINESS.” Be amazing, be a warrior, Be YOU!

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