Monday, February 20, 2012

Three weeks progress pictures

This is super huge for me to post pictures online. But I want to show you my progress in three weeks!
I am a lot slimmer in my mid section! My abs are starting to show again! Which I love. I started three weeks ago at 154 and I am proud to say that I am currently 149! That is 5 pounds in three weeks! The picture of the pink shorts were taken on Jan 30th. The purple suit was taken on Feb 19th. If you ask me this is huge results!

So what did I do? I only pick up a set up weights three times in the last three weeks. I started taking Shakeology and started doing Turbo Fire and Insanity. Of course I am still running because of my Tough Mudder training and half marathon.

I am super excited because I just order another program Les Mills. This is a program that adds weights to the routine. So my 90 day challenge will start all over again when I get that series. I know I will have results because I want to have a beachbody before summer! Continue to follow my journey! I will post pictures every 30 days and tell you how I am doing!

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