Friday, June 29, 2012

Difference in two years..

The first picture was two summers ago and the second was last August. (I am aware that I don't match in picture two-I was camping and didn't care). I was working out but I was also failing every single weekend.  I loved the boozes, fries and treating myself to dairy queen.  I was unhappy and what I call soft! I had muscle but you couldn't see it with all that fat over the top.  People this is a body that worked out every single day for long periods of time (2 hours a day).  I lifted but I didn't lift enough to change my body, didn't push myself.

The picture to the right is this summer! I am happy here and am loving my new fit body.  This is a person that works out maybe one hour, if that a day.  I lift heavy, do cardio and eat clean in my kitchen.  I still go out and treat myself with a beer but I now know when to stop.  I allow myself to have treats but only once in a while not every day.  The difference is now I have control and I work it hard anytime I am in my gym.

The first picture I would say I was in the 160's.  The second I was probably 155 or so.  The last picture I was 144.  What a difference a 10 pounds makes! I feel great and honestly I think I look great!  Am I done? No! This isn't a ballgame where it is over after 9 innings.  This is my life! If I stopped what I was doing I would fall back to picture one....I SURE don't want that.  I want to be strong, healthy and beautiful.  I plan on stepping up my game here with P90X and will continue to take my shakeology daily.  I will continue to succeeded and challenge myself with new fitness goals.

You can do this too! I know it! Send me an email if you want to join a July Challenge group.

Here are a few more pictures to see the change.
Great American Ball Park. Two summers ago.
With my cousins Summer 2012.  I look tiny here and in shape.
At my friends wedding. Pulling off a tight dress.

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