Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I call myself the rent a mom! I am a part time nanny during the summer and get to spend 9 lovely hours with two amazing little girls. They challenge me physically, mentally and sometimes emotionally but we are having a great summer and it is them I have to thank for that.

Today as I was working out in my basement Alaina came downstairs.  She said, "Kathy your very sweaty and sparkly." I smiled and told her it was because I was working hard.  She smiled back and said, "Sweaty makes you look pretty." I couldn't help but pick her up and squeeze her to death.  What an awesome thing to hear from such a little girl, she is 5!  

I love the fact that she thinks sweating is pretty and sparkly.  I thought to myself, wow! I am really making a huge impact on these little girls lives.  I eat healthy every single day, workout every day and tell them why water is important every single day.  I never get McDonald's when we drive thru and they always questions me why? I just explain my body needs the good stuff like Subway or my Shakeology shake I take every day.

You see, I may not be there Mom but I am impacting their lives just by doing the little hings.  Every morning as I make their breakfast I talk to them about healthy choices.  They make a healthy choice for breakfast and lunch everyday.  I love that! I also love that now lately they want to make more and more healthy choices.  Do they need to worry about calories? No! But they are learning at a very young age why healthy choices and fitness is important.

I know most of my followers are parents and many of you are thinking seriously this is not an easy battle.  But I am telling you that kids want what is best for them.  If they see you eating crap they will want the crap too.  If they watch you working out, drinking water and eating good foods they will want to do the same.  So I challenge you to leave a few treats in the house and allow them to still have fun with foods. Just be smart they don't belong to you!!!

After Alaina told me that I looked pretty, she also asked to join me in my workout.  Of course my workout was to hard for her, as I was lifting weights. But I popped in Tony and the Kids in after and together we had a great workout. 

You have to be the role-model in their lives.  They see you as a super hero! Do you want to be the super hero that runs to junk food everyday or do you want to be the super hero that sparkles with healthy choices? So my questions is this. How do you Sparkle?

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