Thursday, July 12, 2012

Results from 90 day challenge

Here it comes again...Pictures! I hate taking them but it is so nice to look back at my progress or lack of it.

What a difference!  I started this journey at 154 and am now today 146! I am thrilled with the results.  What a difference 4 months will do on your body.  Sure I am not pleased with the weight but I don't like weighting myself because the number always brings me down.  I will always weight more than normal women because I am solid muscle.. okay so I know I have some fat on me but who doesn't! :) I just have to remind myself that it is only a number.  The scales doesn't know if I am a 147 pounds worth of muscle or a 147 pounds worth of fat! I am loving my abs and my shoulders.  The pictures do nothing for my shoulders but they look great! Most of my clothes from last summer are to big for me! :) I like that!

I will NEVER like my back side.  God surely didn't give me boobs but he gave me enough junk in the trunk for everyone.  I am pleased with how my legs did get smaller but I want more.  I wish my legs would catch up with the rest of my body.  I wish they would look as great as my back does here, as well as my shoulders and my abs.  Hopefully P90x will do that for me! 

 So how I did it!??!?!? I been taking Shakeology every single day in the last four months, eating super clean and trying to limit my drinking.  During the last four months I used Chalean Extreme and Turbo Fire.  I loved what the programs did when they were combined! I also ran 3-4 days a week.  I took one rest day and that was it.  It is all about habits.. YOU HAVE TO make moving a HABIT! 

So now that my first challenge to myself is over, I am ready for the new one.  I am excited to see what the next 90 days will look like.  I am starting P90x Asylum Hybrid.  Basically, that means I will be combining the two programs together.  I will continue my marathon training and eating clean as I can.  I am trying to limit my drinking to once a week and only a few drinks on that day.  It is time to get serious! I love how I feel and look when I have muscles.  I hate how I feel when I soft... since drinking and the crap food make me soft I am staying clear.  I know I will not have a lot of changes in the next 90 days...or should I say I am telling myself that.  My main goal is stay fit and to not gain weight.  I gained 10 pounds of softness the last time I trained for a marathon...this time will be different! If I can stay this weight and not become soft I will be happy! If I can pull off more weight l and develop more muscle tone I will be extremely happy!!! 

So the question is this... if you were asked to join a challenge for 90 days would you be willing to change your lifestyle to get results? It is totally worth it!

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