Friday, July 13, 2012

What's cookin in Kathy's Kitchen

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

I love the picture I found above from pinterest.  It sort of looks like a game and I bet if you get your children involved they might be more willing to eat the foods that you cook for me.  Make them pick a veggie or a meat! This will add variety to your menu's and will be fun for all! I of course would never do anything like this since it is just me but it might work for a family! :) Just an idea!

So many people have asked me to start sharing my menu's.  I have no problems doing so but you must realize that my calorie's intake is going to be different than the next person.  I workout a lot, so that means I need to eat more food for fuel.  Someone that is heavier than will need to eat more, just as if someone is smaller than me they might have to eat less.  You have to know what works for you! So please don't just follow my menu's it will not work magic.  It will just help you see what is cooking in Kathy's Kitchen! 

How I do it... 
During the week I am always looking for new recipes.  If I find one I love I will mark it and will normally put it on the menu for the following week.  I have a ton of recipes, so it is super hard to come up with meal plan eat week.  I normally just go with what I am craving! 

I always go grocery shopping on Sunday.  It is like going to church for most! I do it every Sunday no matter what.  There are times I might have to change it to Monday if I am out of town but Sunday's are very important in my success. 

Here is what is cooking in my kitchen this upcoming week

(Click on item for recipe)

Breakfast-Protein Pancakes with fruit M/W/F/S (I will not add lemon zest to it but it does sound awesome) Sugar Free Syrup. 
                 Eggs, Turkey Bacon and with grapefruit (I had this last week) T/R/S

Snack-Quinoa Apple Salad (had this last week as well)
           Almonds with pretzels  

Lunch-Always a Shakeology drink with some kind of fruit, Spinach and Almond milk.  

Snack-Cottage Cheese and some Fruit.  I love cottage cheese it is a great source of protein! 
           Graham Crackers with Peanut Butter or with Cottage Cheese (this is a craving that I have         for the week.  I get the low-fat kind and will only allow myself to have two crackers.)

Dinner-Spicy Burgers with 1/2 Corn on the Cob, 4 oz of Sweet Potato and for dessert watermelon. 
           -Spicy Spaghetti Squash (this is a new item for me this week).  I will fill it with veggies, so no side is needed. 

Snack-I love having popcorn at night, greek yogurt or skinny cow ice cream.  

I always have extra healthy items around the house.  Just in case I change up the menu.  I NEVER have crap food here! If it isn't here I don't eat it, that simple! So leave the junk at the grocery for someone else.  Change the way your family eats! 

I also might snack in between snacks and meals.  I am telling you I eat a lot of food and I am never worried I will gain weight.  I eat when my body tells me too! It is so important for me to eat with working out as hard as I do.  I workout sometimes 2 hours a day with my marathon training and lifting schedule.  So fuel is sooooo important for me to be able to preform the best! 

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