Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Think Happy Be Happy....My Happiness Project

Wouldn't it be nice to walk in your bathroom every morning and see this awesome reminder? Think Happy, Be Happy.  I love it so much that I plan on making something similar.  Happiness is the key to life.  I am always in search of things that will make me happier, as well as tossing things out of my life that just bring me down.  Happiness.. I just can't get enough of it.

So what have I been doing since I started my project?

1. I completely cleaned out my room.  50 empty hangers, more space in my dressers and less shoes to deal with.  Did this project make me happier? I wouldn't say it gave me a certain kind of joy but it certainly made me feel less stressed about lack of space that I been dealing with.  I love walking into my room now, so yes it does make me happier that there is more order and organization in my room.

2.  Putting away clothes after I fold them.  This is something I HATE doing! I don't mind folding my clothes but I can't stand putting the clothes where they belong.  Normally, I will fold the clean clothes and put them on top of my front loaders.  The clothes will sit there up to 5 days and sometimes up to a week.  I will even go get dressed in the laundry room just because I refuse to take the 5 minutes to put the clothes away.  So this is a HUGE part of my happiness project for this month.  I am now trying to put the clothes away as soon as I fold them. this week I didn't do it but I only let them sit there for a day, instead of a week! I believe that is PROGRESS!

3.  Eat my food at the table.  When you eat alone it is so easy to fall into bad habits.  My bad habit would be eating in the living room, while watching TV.  I have read for years that this isn't healthy, people tend to over eat while watching TV.  My main reason for wanting to change this behavior is because of my wonderful dog Louie.  He is a super tall dog! When I eat on the couch, he is plate level.  NOT good!!
I noticed since eating at the table... I take my time, I am not messing on the computer and I don't have dog drool all over me. I actually love eating at the table.  I enjoy setting the table and taking the time to clean up after.  I honestly felt that this would make me feel lonely...but that isn't the case at all!

4.  Cleaning the dishes and keeping things out of the sink. Another bad habit that I have been doing for years.  I use to make dinner and throw the pans into the sink.  Sometimes I would wash them but normally I would let them sit till the next day.  Not only is that gross but I hated how dirty it made my kitchen look.  Now, I clean up the pans right away.  Once they are dry, I put them away.  If you know my know there is NO room for dishes and pans sitting around on the counter tops.  This for sure makes me happier! (Now I have to get my roommate on the same page!!)

5.  Going to Church.  This is probably my favorite new habit.  I have been away from the church for sometime and really needed to strengthen my spiritual self.  I am now attending a new church, signed up for a small bible study and pray every single day.  Not only does this make me feel whole but I know this makes my Dad smile. 

Five small things is all but these five things are something that I have complete control over.  It takes one minute to clean the dishes, 5 minutes to put the clothes away,10 minutes to eat at the table and one hour a week to go to church.  It is the little things in life that drive me mad and I do it to myself.  :)

I will HOPE to continue to do these new habits and add more in the next few weeks.  What's up next?

1.  Writing letters.  Who doesn't love getting a letter from a friend, family member or co-worker? I know I love opening up letters from my friends or my Mom.  Making other people happy, will make me happy.  Goal is one letter a week.
2.  Attend Bible Studies.
3. Still need to clean out the Garage and the Kitchen.
4.  Find a Gym that wants to hire me to teach classes.
5.  Paint Again :) 


  1. I LOVE that saying on the bathroom wall! Awesome! And I am with you on putting away clean clothes. Mine sit in my laundry room too! Great job on your happiness project. I like your idea of writing letters. It has become a lost are but there is nothing like getting a handwritten letter in the mail!

  2. The wall quotes on your wall bathroom look super! It's really inspirational, plus it looks good too! I really enjoyed reading your article. It's so inspirational and it helps to motivate people to do good habits such as cleaning one's room and going to church are both wonderful habits.