Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pushing myself

Funny thing about goal setting.  Even before you achieve one goal, you start looking ahead to the next one. 

Prior to embarking on a major project, you may look at it in its entirety and think how difficult it will be to achieve.  But, you start anyways.  Once you get going and make the inevitable early mistakes, you find a way to do things that works for you, and you make progress.  After a while you make such a rapid progress that you can see the end progress.

Once that happens, if you are like most people, your dreams and ambitions do not suddenly stop.  You begin to look past the goal at hand-a goal that once seemed so difficult-and onto new, more adventurous goals for the future.

This must be what motivates marathoners.  Once upon a time a 1/2 marathon was tough for them to do.  Then, after achieving the near-impossible goal, they began to look ahead to greater challenges that would test what their bodies could do.

You may not want to run a marathon or even a 1/2 marathon.  But the longer you do run, the more your goals will inevitably expand.  This is a sign of progress, perhaps even a sign that you can test your body more.

I have my eye on two goals.  Columbus Marathon and the Goofy Challenge in Disney.  I am already looking for new goals to put in the mix.  One goal for me is not enough! I love pushing my body to the next level, to my edge.

So what are your goals? What do you want to accomplish?  Do you have your eyes on something that motivates you?  Achieve something! Set your goals high! 

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