Wednesday, May 30, 2012

There is NO magic Pill

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This weekend I got myself all dressed up to attend one of my friends weddings. I have to say I felt great in my little tight blue dress. Years ago I wouldn't have been caught dead in something so sexy, but now I have the confidence and the matching body to go with it. So many people told me I looked great..I got questions on how in the world are you looking so good, what are you doing, are you eating... the list goes on and on.

So here is the deal...I decided 5 years to take complete control of my life.  I don't allow my excuses to be bigger than my dreams.  It is funny when I talk to people and they say "Kathy I need help."  I sit and listen to them go on and on about why they can't make it to the gym or why they eat crap.  It is simple people.  YOU have to make time or you will keep getting the same results.  You will keep coming to me asking for help and you will keep coming up with the same excuses.  You want to change the person you have become, you have to start changing the excuses that you come up with every single day.

Everyone thinks being fit and eating healthy is easy for me.  This life I chosen to live is a hard one. I wake up making the same excuses as all of you make...I am tired, I will do it later, my back hurts, I can't run...blah blah blah... But then I put my big girl panties on and remember that those excuses will get me no where. 

Excuses piss me off!  No! There is no magic pill I am taking. NO! I don't starve myself.  No! I have not had surgery.  I eat almost 2000 calories a day, my magic pill is my weights and tennis shoes and the surgery I have had is only on my eyes. I didn't get the body I have now on excuses....I got it with sweat, blood and a whole lot of tears.  No one says being healthy is easy...losing control is easy.  Going to McDonald's every day is easy, sitting on the couch is easy..doing nothing is easy.  Stop taking the easy route, start doing the things that challenge you.  I can bet you that you will start having more self confidence, more pride in yourself and will stop making the excuses you hate so much.

I wish I could have told my friends at the wedding that I do have a secret pill but I can't.  My magic pill is my drive for success.  I hope that you can find it in you to have the same drive to reach your own goals.  Throw out those excuses... because we all know they are not getting you anywhere.

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