Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This upcoming weekend I will be taking on the challenge of completing two half marathons in two days.  I love pushing myself to the next level, it feels like I am pushing myself to the edge of the unknown. I am worried about my body and if it will be able to hold up for 26.2 miles. But I am trained and I feel great. As a runner there is so many things that factors in on how you will run on race day... the weather, your nutrition, sleep..etc the list can go on and on. Factors that are out of my hands but I have to welcome them...run with them.

This week I have heard so many people call me stupid, insane and crazy. I just shake my head and think to myself you have no idea what you are missing. I have become a different person because of running. I am a little stronger, have more confidence and I am able to take a challenge more often than not.... all because I have decided to lace up a simple running shoe.

I understand why people think I am crazy but I wish they would be more kind with their words. Just because I am running two marathons this weekend doesn't mean I have lost it.. it just means I am taking control of my life and am doing something positive with it. Running is a special club; a gift. Everyone can join.. Louie my dog is even in the club. But you have to get yourself off the couch, you have to lace those shoes up and take that first step. Running doesn't get easier, you just get better. There are days I think how am I ever going to run/walk two half marathon this weekend. Running doesn't come easy for me at all. I fight with myself every single day to get out there and run.. but I do it anyways and I feel pretty amazing after.

You might not understand us crazy runners. I understand you will call us Forrest Gump...but what you can't take away from us runners is the feeling we feel when we reach that finish line. It is something that will erase all those negative comments, all those Forrest gumps cliches...the finish line feels like a little piece of heaven...it truly is amazing. 

Welcome to the club all your first timers. Go out there and run hard....Welcome the pain, the rain or whatever obstacles race day might bring you. We are all brother and sisters in this strange world, and soon you will become part of the running club! Keep running and don't listen to all those people who say you are crazy...we all know they are the crazy one's who choose to not lace up and enjoy the road ahead of them!

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