Monday, January 30, 2012


Ready, Set, Breakfast

I don’t have time for breakfast, I don’t like breakfast food or I woke up to late. All common excuses for why people skip breakfast. For years my parents would say, “Eat your breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day.” So I did! I ate breakfast every morning and continue to eat a healthy breakfast 7 days a week.

Image you are a car. After a long night sleeping, your fuel tank is empty. Breakfast is the fuel that gets you going so you can hit the road.

This might be a silly example but it is so true. Without our fuel we run slow, we drag and sooner or later we grab whatever food we can to get the body moving later on in the day. Most likely it will be something full of calories and sugar.

My parents were right: Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Not only does it get my body moving, but breakfast is linked to many health benefits, including weight control and improved performance.

Having a healthy breakfast can help you:

· Improved concentration and performance in the classroom or boardroom.

· More strength and endurance to engage in physical activity.

· Lowers cholesterol levels.

· Weight Control

Many studies, in both adults and children, have shown breakfast eaters tend to weigh less than breakfast skippers. Why? Eating a healthy breakfast can reduce hunger throughout the day, and help people make better food choices. Many people think I will just save the calories and skip the breakfast. That theory does NOT work! Normally the hunger will get to those breakfast skippers and will eat more at lunch and throughout the day.

There are some breakfast food that can be high in calories, sugar and fats. So you must be careful choosing the best breakfast for you. I normally have ½ cup of oatmeal, banana and peanut butter. It keeps me full till my next meal.

A healthy breakfast meal should contain a variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low- or non-fat dairy, and lean protein.

Even if you think you don’t have time to eat breakfast, there are grab-and-go options that fill the bill. Some quick and healthy choices include:

  • A veggie omelet and a piece of whole-wheat toast
  • A whole-wheat English muffin with low-fat cheese, a scrambled egg, and slice of tomato or lean ham
  • Smoothie made with fruit and low-fat yogurt
  • Salmon on 1/2 whole-grain bagel with light cream cheese
  • Whole-grain cereal with fresh fruit and low-fat milk
  • Oatmeal made with skim milk, raisins and nuts, with 4 ounces of orange juice
  • Low-fat yogurt and a piece of fresh fruit
  • Yogurt smoothie and breakfast bar
  • Hard-boiled egg and a banana

So listen to your parents and get your day started eating a healthy breakfast!

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