Monday, January 30, 2012

My kind of "FUN"

When I tell people about my Tough Mudder experience I always hear girl “you are CRAZY.” Nobody understands why I get up at 4:45 every morning to hit the gym or run for 15 miles on the weekend. No one gets why I would pass up a long night of drinking, so I can come home early to hammer out another awesome race the next morning. It is hard to explain and some people will probably never understand why I enjoy doing these things.

So why do I do it? Why do I kill myself till my body aches all over? Why do I run till my feet bleed? Why do I spend money of races, clothes and shoes? I do all these things because they are “FUN” to me. When I tell my friends that they laugh. But this is my idea of “FUN”! I love it, I live it and I NEED it!

For me there is nothing better than waking up getting in that early morning workout. There is nothing better than crossing finish lines. Why? Well because with every finish line and every crazy event I do, I create long lasting friendships and amazing memories!

I know many of you have read my Tough Mudder experience and have heard me complain about my training at times. But before all those complaints I was busy having fun, I was creating memories and I was acting like I did as a child. I got to roll in mud without my mother yelling at me. I got to climb up bails of hay just like I did at the Kohler farm when I was young. I got to laugh and enjoy myself without thinking about all the things that trouble me.

My idea of fun is different than many but my idea of fun is one that I hope I can continue forever. My training has started for my next race (Columbus half May 5 and Pittsburgh half May 6) and my next Tough Mudder in April! Yes, I pay money for these events. Why? I can tell you it is not for the metal, t-shirt or the free food at the end. Okay, I can’t lie I love my race shirts! :) But I do it because it is time for me to be me. I don’t have to be someone’s employee, someone’s daughter, and someone’s aunt… I just have to be bib number trying to accomplish two things! Finish Healthy and have fun doing it!

I am glad my training has started for my races because my Tough Mudder high is gone. I wish the Tough Mudder hangover could have last forever because the way I felt after that race was “fearless.” Of course fear is slowly starting to creep back into my life. Hopefully, training will bring that kick ass attitude back to life!

So that is why I do it! You might not get it but I bet I would not get what your idea of “FUN” is either but I will always respect it. So when I tell you about my crazy events, please don’t tell me I am stupid, tell me “Wow I bet you are having fun doing it." Because I am :)

I can't wait to create more memories this race season! Race Schedule so far this year!

Feb 26th-Last Chance for Boston half marathon

March 31st-10K

April 14th-Tough Mudder Ohio

April 22nd-15K

May 5th-Commit to be Fit Half Marathon

May 6th-Pittsburg half marathon

June 8, 9 and 10th-Phat Camp

June 16-Tough Mudder Indiana

June 17-Tough Mudder Indiana (I may try to do two in one weekend)

Nothing so far for July

August 18th-Tough Mudder Toronto

September 15-Tough Mudder Missouri

October 20th-Tough Mudder Kentucky

Woot! If you want to join me in my kind of "FUN" let me know!

Disclaimer.. I am a terrible speller! :) I KNOW THAT!

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