Saturday, March 24, 2012

Do not postpone your dream...

We Make our own realities, our own fate and our own luck... We control our lives, our behaviors and the way we view the world. YOU control you! The only person you have to listen to is yourself. We are powerful....YOU are powerful. All you have to do is believe.

Every day we need to remind ourselves how awesomely powerful we are and can be...

We dream for a reason, dreams are not our accidents. I honestly believe that our dreams are what is meant to be...problem is so many people think dreams are just that, dreams. That is far from the truth, dreams can happen, we just have to learn to do our part.

There is nothing you CAN'T do, there is nothing you CAN'T have and nothing you CAN'T be. You have the power to control your world! The life that you desire can be won. If it exists in your mind, it is real, possible.. yours.

Every day you postpone your dreams, life moves faster. You forget about the life you dreamed of because the clouds move in. It gets foggy and you lose hope. So many people spend life wishing for things. Why spend time wishing? Just get busy working on getting the life that lives deep inside you.

I have three close friends that are actively living their dream. All three of these friends are training for their first half marathon. They didn't just sit on the sidelines and wait for the race to come to them. They are living in the moment, doing their part for their dreams to become a reality. It makes me smile, thinking that just a few months ago they only wished they could run/walk a half marathon some day. I am so happy to have the honor to run/walk with them on their first race. All it took for them was to take that first step, controlling their own lives.

It takes one step, one big step to reach that dream you might have. I am not saying the road will be easy but I am saying that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! You have the POWER in you, the drive to achieve... so stop wasting another minute wishing and starting living your dream!

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