Thursday, March 22, 2012

Double Dare

Source: via Miguel on Pinterest

Everyone remembers the classic Christmas movie where Flick gets dared to stick his tongue to the on freezing cold pole on the school playground. You know the scene right? You swore to yourself you would never try something so silly. I bet half of you have tried something similar to this story. Maybe it wasn't the freezing cold school playground pole but I bet it was something close. Why is the double dog dare so hard to walk away from? Temptation..maybe? Challenge..probably? Showing your friends that you are way to awesome to walk away from a double dog dare you..Absolutely!

I love a good challenge, a double dog dare you sort of speak. My first triathlon was done because a friend told me I couldn't do it. I smiled at him and said "Watch me." I got the best bike, best shoes and the best advice from friends who are true triathletes. I trained super hard, killed myself in fact. I wasn't going to let this friend of mine call me a wimp. I finished that triathlon, as well as the next triathlon he said I couldn't do. I have actually called out a double dog dare you to him, Olympic triathlon. Guess what? He didn't show on race day! He also didn't show up for the full Marathon, nor the Tough Mudder. I won the double dog dare you and I continue to win every time I finish a race without him being there. I will never let him forget it either!

I double dog dare myself every single morning I wake up. Everyone thinks it is easy for me to workout and eat healthy. Guess what? It is far from easy, in fact I struggle all the time. I work hard but I do fail sometimes. When i fall down I get back up every single time. So many people fall off the fitness and health wagon. The difference between them and me is I believe in myself enough to get back up. When I fall off I tell myself you will do it harder, faster and stronger next time. I dare myself to believe in the unbelievable.

Tonight, I double dog dare myself yet again. I have always been afraid of trying cross fit and Krav Mage because it is something that is out of the norm for me. I decided to go! It kicked my @ss, I wanted to die, puke and die again. But guess what? I smiled the whole class, as my body trembled in pain. Still two hours later my body is still trembling and I love it! If I didn't dare myself to step outside my box, I would not fallen in love with a new workout.

So I ask you this..What can I dare you to do? Will it be to eat healthy for a week, try a new workout routine, get out of an unhealthy relationship, go on a date, chop off your hair..etc. It is worth it! It is worth challenging yourself. Maybe you will fall but I can promise you will get back up and you will have a story that you will remember for life!

Do something crazy.... I double dog dare you!

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