Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fresh Start

"At any given time we are the sum of all our new beginnings." -Charles Gaines

Many people think that you must always be at the beginning in order to begin. That's not true at all. You can make a fresh start even if you're almost at the end.

Let's say you're reading a book and get busy halfway through. Now, you may choose not to return to the book and finish it. But if you do choose to finish, you will have to pick up the book and make a fresh start at the point where you left off, in the middle. I doubt you would want to start back on page one..right?

When I go to conferences or even meeting it always gives me a clear mind, motivation and excitement to do something new. I don't start with my new ideas till the first day of school, I start in the middle.

A man is leading a 10K race and had done so from the very start. Then, with 1000 meters left, another runner overtakes him and goes into the lead. What should the former leader do? He must realize the circumstance have changed and make a new start, new decision. He can't start at the beginning to win this race can he? He must make a new start very nearly at the end of the race. If he doesn't, he has no chance of overtaking the new leader and winning the race.

Today may seem like the most ordinary of days. But it really isn't. Today is when you make a new beginning in whatever you are having trouble with. Can be running, work, nutrition, fitness or just life in general. Whether you're the beginner, the oldest and the veteran in the business or somewhere in between, a new beginning is needed at times. It's always possible to start afresh.

So here is to a new beginning, a fresh start. Just because your failed before does not mean we can take time off, just to start over again. Shake off the failure, clear your mind and start over in the middle.

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  1. So right you are my friend! The process of a fresh start is merely the evolution of change. The ability to recognize these changes and struggles are all a part of familiarizing our selves with the changing markets and world around us. Today is the day to recognize the ability to thrive amongst change and to make the best of the situation. I too have been battling my own "fresh start," and through doing so I have found great support in my friends. You are fantastic, I receive so much inspiration through knowing you and reading your "bloggage." (haha)Thanks for another great read, and by the way, I could use you in any change management course I would teach! :)