Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Remember grade school and the class project when you planned a seed into dirt? Every day you were to water that seed and hope that one day you would see a flower. I remember my grade school teach emphasizing that the lesson of watching the seed turn into a beautiful flower was symbolic of the transformation endured throughout one’s lifetime in the pursuit of anything worthwhile.

Of course, as a child I didn’t understand what the teacher was talking about and certain I didn’t care. All I wanted to see if I killed it or if I would have a flower at the end.

It is funny now that I look back on it. That lesson now means so much to me. I had to love and nurture the seed to become the beautiful flower in the end. If I didn’t water the seed it would surely die, as well if I watered it too much. I can take that lesson and turn it into so many things in my life. Isn’t amazing that we can carry lessons from grade school into adulthood?

Every single thing I do starts with a small seed. I have to commit to this seed or it will not grow. If I don’t commit to it, the seed will just remain a seed. I have to take the time to care for it, give it the proper sunlight, water and love it. Flowers do not grow over night. If you go back to grade school you might remember that everyone’s seeds grew at different times and some never even blossomed.

I sit here and laugh at the idea of it all. I can’t believe I am using a seed and a flower to inspire you all. But transformation takes time, love and patience. Sometimes transformation takes a team of people to help you get your flower. Just like in school I needed my teacher to help and teach me the proper ways to care for my seed, without her I know my seed would have never made it.

Whatever your transformation might be it will not blossom over night and it might take a team to help you get there. It also might take one or two seeds before your flower blossoms. Your friends’ flowers might grow before yours but remember we can’t all have the same results we are all different and unique.

I know my first seed in school never made it, I either watered the seed too much or I forgot about it all together. But my second seed I took the time to really care for it, my mom made sure I wasn’t killing it by too much water and most importantly I remembered that this seed would eventually grow into a flower but it wasn’t going to happen in just a week or two.

My transformation took a lot of time. I needed a team to encourage me and support me on that long road. They were the water that feed me and allowed me to grow into such an amazing flower. I have grown from something so small (seed) into something so beautiful, strong and powerful (flower).

I can’t stress enough a transformation can’t happen over night. If you are like me it might take years but it worth it. It is worth watching the little seed turn into someone so amazing. So do something, challenge yourself and watch your transformation happen before your eyes!

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