Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Look inside yourself!

I am currently reading a book called Running the Edge. In this book it divides live into five stories: education, family, career, friendship and passion. Each of us live these five stories at all times. But each story is not the same. Some stories are stronger than the others. I find that to be the case in my life.

This book has pushed me to think to my edge in the last three days. It made me really look deep into myself and realize I am successful at three of my five stories. Every day I have the passion and the drive to make those stories extraordinary. I always give 150% in my passions, friendships and education. My actions and decisions in these three stories have not been easy, in fact sometimes the journey has been unbearable. But what is it about these three stories that I am able shake off a bad run, failed test or a huge fight with my best friend. Why am I able to move forward on my journey in these stories but not the others.

This book is making me evaluate my life, which I can tell you it not an easy thing to do. It is like a job interview on your own life. You have to figure out your flaws, evaluate your qualities and be honest with yourself. Just by reading this book I am confident that I have been my own demon in two of those stories.

When I talk about family I am not talking about my mom, dad, brothers or sisters. Sure I could give a little more in this story, but the story I am talking about is relationships. I suck at them, actually I don't do them. I push men away from me because I am so worried that I will lose myself. I been hurt but that doesn't give me the right to hurt others or to let someone in. I have done this to so many people in the past and I am finally realizing this is my biggest flaw. I deserve to be loved and I deserve to give someone my love, but why is it so hard for me to do that? I push a lot of people away who I know that can make a big impact on my life. This is part of my stories that I have to work on.

Another story in my life that I need to focus some of my energy on is my career. I have a great job, I have great students but that at times just isn't enough. My Dad doesn't understand how I can't be happy in my job. I am happy but I just don't feel fulfilled. I don't feel like I am doing what I was put on this earth to do. I know this but this is where the story starts to turn. I have already realized that I need a change but I continue to do nothing. Why? I am scared, afraid and nervous that I don't have the potential to do anything else. All I know and have known is how to teach. I continue to stay in my happy place, my true confront zone.

I don't want to live my life pushing people away and just living in my confront zone. The way I see it is I have two choices. I continue to live a normal life or I push myself to a new edge to live an extraordinary life. I can start a new journey of a life that I always dreamed about as a child. I can start making fewer mistakes, take more chances and start living my own pursuit of happiness.

We all have it in us to push ourselves to a new edge every day. We can change our ordinary normal lives into something powerful, amazing and live a life you can't wait to wake up to every day. We need to seize the day! Because tomorrow we could be gone. I plan on doing this, I plan on finding a new way to live. I plan on being excellent at all five of my stories of life and I hope to god you do too!

Please go out and get Running the Edge! Best book I have read to date!

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