Monday, March 19, 2012

Why I run

Why do I run?

Runners run for different reasons. What ever the reason might be runners share the same passion and understanding. It is hard to explain to someone that doesn’t run.

In the book Running the Edge it talks about climbing a mounting and discovering a secret on the other side. You have to climb the mountain to see what the secret is all about. Running is like that! You can’t understand why runners run unless you experience it first hand.

Imagine for a moment that you are trying to get to the top of that mountain and learn the runner’s secret. You know climbing a mountain isn’t easy and when at the bottom it looks impossible to get to the top. But you start out because you want to so badly see what is on the other side. You need determination and commitment to reach the top. Sure getting to the top of that mountain may look easy to fit people but for most the top looks so unreachable.

Every step hurts. Every stride is painful. Your knees hurt. Lower back kills. You feel pressure in your chest. Your breathing is uncomfortable. Nothing is working. Muscles burn. After your run you count blisters and you feel like you could die. You start believing that the statement running is not fun maybe true. You start questioning why people do this and why the hell they think it is fun? But if you continue to run and resist to listen to those pains and logic to quit, one day, something magical happens. One day, while on a run you notice it doesn’t hurt anymore. Not only does it not hurt, it feels natural and it is sort of easy! You feel powerful, strong.

On that day, you have finally reached the top of that mountain and have discovered the secret. On that day you unlock the secret and have a new understanding. You have had an experience that can never be taken away. Finally, you get it. You finally understand why runners run.

Like an obsession, this feeling carries you now, back to the other side of the mountain. You developed a new passion and a new way of life emerges.

So to answer the question, why do I run? Running is my gift that I give myself. Like most things in life, running is hard. It is hard but it is worth it. I run because it brings my mind, body and world together in one moment. I discover a lot about myself in my running shoes. I challenge myself, push myself to the edge. Each time I run I get to discover more about myself and what I truly want in life.

Running for me isn’t about all the health benefits. It is my way to push myself, to believe in myself and to reach the top of that mountain. On the other side of my mountain is a person who will not give up, will not allow people to push me around. My view is much clearer on the other side and it all happens because I decide to lace up my shoes.

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